Tuesday, 5 August 2008


So I came home last night to a lovely surprise! First, a bit of background. Things were a little rocky over the weekend, which I won't go into here, suffice to say we had an argument. So things were still a little shaky yesterday.

I had, in the mean time, asked Him to buy a few vegies for dinner. Yesterday, as he is on night shift and had a few things to do through the day, asked if I could get them instead. I had the EFTPOS card anyway to replace the rent money.

Later in the day I get a message saying that I was to replace a little more of the money as Him had used some. No worries, says I.

I had planned to stop at the shop and get vegies after work, but as it was pouring during an excursion uptown, and I had no desire to make my hair look any more hideous than usual, I ducked into the supermarket to grab some.

Upon my return home I found Him had done a lovely little vegie shop of his own, and I was greeted to the smell of cooking steak, with plates full of salad arranged neatly and chips in the oven. Yes, I had dinner cooked for me again. What a lovely surprise (and lucky I didn't stop after work!). Dinner was lovely and horribly healthy.

Also, in the freezer, were containers of chopped vegies ready to be cooked, and extra salad in a container in the fridge. Jr Her likes salad for lunch so we both had fresh salad for lunch today, and tonight we have a container of chopped vegies to stir fry with beef.

I tell you, it was so nice to come home to cooked dinner. Very, very much appreciated!


SOL's view said...

Oh, like, that is sooooo worth coming home to. But not straight away in my house. I like to 'crash' for a bit first...

w00t for surprises.

Miss LJ said...

Oh you lucky lady!! How nice of hubby to do that for you, and salad in the fridge aswell... what a treat!!!

Regarding you comment about quick easy meals, yes, please do email me some!! I need to get away from the packet stuff, and into some real food.

My email address is leannef@internode.on.net

Thanks fo rthat! No rush, just whenever you have a chance.

day 2 and 3 were not much better than day one, but....I WILL get there, even if it is slowly.

xxx :)