Monday, 18 August 2008

These boots are made for walking

So we took Jr Her and her little friend shopping on the weekend. Just for something different. The friend, we shall name her Tiny, had $10 to spend.

The first shop we went into was Valley Girl and they have cheap clothes for $4.95 and $6.95. And you know what? They are almost exclusively Small or Extra Small. I mean, what do they think, that we are suddenly a race of midgets? Jr her and Tiny are both Large! And they are only 11!

Anyway, we found a couple of tops for Jr Her and because I was feeling generous I bought one for Tiny too. Then they wanted to go to the newsagents. So Tiny bought herself some pencils and a little box to put them in. Jr Her bought, um, something....maybe she didn't?

On to a lingerie shop and I had Jr Her measured up properly. I was right, she is already a 14a. Sigh...they grow up so fast...Tiny, who is, um, larger, than Jr Her but has no bust yet, wanted to get measured up too so I let her go too. Anyway, a sports bra and a regular bra for Jr Her, and 5 pairs of knickers for $10 for me later, we left that shop.

In the mean time, Him took himself off for a coffee and read of the paper. I like Harbourtown, he can go do that while we shop ourselves silly.

So, next we went into Ice and the girls found a rack of over sized tee shirts, 3 for $10 so Jr Her bought 3 and gave one to Tiny (generous little thing isn't she?). Tiny's comes down almost to her knees, and goes over her little belly so she is happy. Jr Her's is a bit shorter and she wore one over her jeans all Saturday afternoon, Saturday night to bed, and all day yesterday too. Fair to say she likes it?

After Ice it was time to look for shoes for me, and collect Him. I found a pair of flat heel boots, reduced from $89.99 to $45, and later a pair of Hush Puppies, reduced from $89.99 to $60. Now, those who know me, know I never spend that much on shoes. But, the last time I did, I got 3 winters out of the two pair. So, hopefully I can do the same here. I have the boots on today actually...

After all that shopping it was time for a late lunch, and we had Subway. Then, off home to sort out the stuff. The girls played for the afternoon and Him and I watched some of the Olympics. KFC rounded out the evening nicely.

Sunday and Jr Her and Tiny had a few clashes. They always do. This time though I told them both off. Anyway, by the time Tiny's dad came by they were okay and Jr Her said she had a good weekend. Then promptly complained about being bored for the rest of the day.... Now she just has to keep her room clean for the rest of the week so she can go for a sleepover at Tiny's house next weekend and Him and I can go to the movies! Yay!

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Miss LJ said...

Sounds like you got some good buys on the weekend - I have also found that most of the clothes at harbour town are small sizes cause they are the left overs that the retail shops can't sell. But it sounds like you had a good day out.
And bargin with the shoes!!

Now I tried the crunchy chicken on the weekend - but had no rice crackers or cornflakes or chicken pieces for that matter, so I compromised.... Chicken breast cut up into decent size pieces and Weeties instead of the the others. The Weeties certainly gave it an interesting flavour - and I won't be using them again!! Because the weeties were so strong I made up a honey sauce to go over the top - that made it a bit more bearable to eat!! So It was an experience!!!

Enjoy the movies this weekend! Hope you see somehting good.