Friday, 22 August 2008

Here comes the weekend

So it's not like anything exciting has happened recently, but I figured i had better make an entry before I lost everyone's attention.

It's been a slow week this week, although probably not entirely boring. On Tuesday I think it was I was in the middle of speaking to a certain phone company, on behalf of the boss's mobile, and my mobile rang. I ignored it and when I checked the message bank it was my favourite radio station phoning me to take part in a competition! Of course, I missed the call didn't I? The prize was either movie tickets or a set of signed ping pong paddles and a 1 in 5 chance to win a plasma TV.

Then, when I finished on the phone the boss and the Geek told me they were upgrading my computer to a brand new I Mac flash you-beaut computer! Yippee for me! I love those! And, this old one was replacing the ancient Windows machine in the other office.

And, the geek was going to give me a free Mac for Jr Her to destroy at home. Her's is very slow and freezes more often than not (too many games and stuff). Bonus!

Plus, we are buying a new printer/fax/scanner/copier combo, which I ordered Wednesday. So, add to that the fact that Jr Her has kept her room clean (ish) now for almost 3 weeks, it's been a pretty good week. Except for a dentist visit on Monday for Jr Her and a visit with the surgeon on Tuesday for me. I have put on 2 kg. I knew that though. I have been trying recently to be a better eater, less junk and more vegies and stuff. I think I am managing....

Anyway, this morning I was almost at work when my phone rang again. This time I was available to take the call. It was the radio station again! So, while I am hold ready to play the game I have to park the car, come upstairs, unset the alarm, turn on computers etc, then try to focus on winning a game.

I didn't. Myself and a fellow named Rick had to name Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie movies. Not necessarily together, but starred in. So, I started. we had a reasonable volley then I got a mental blank. I lost. But, I did score movie tickets and got to make a fool of myself on the radio, which will make Jr Her happy! Haha.

Then at lunch time I went for a walk and bought Him a cute tweed Trilby hat, and a BLT for lunch. Nice it was too. Took me two sittings to eat it but I shall probably never eat again, I am so full!

The computer arrived too. I just need someone to set it up for me now! Yippee! The printer should be here Monday, and I can re-organise my desk on Monday, more room, more workspace, and a whole new makeover. It's the little things....

Oh, and Jr Her is still going for her sleepover this weekend, so Him and I are off to the movies. I have Magnum upgrade vouchers for Gold Class, which I think we will use...

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Miss LJ said...

I LOVE gold class... relaxing with your feet up being served coffee, and enjoying a good movie!!!

And the upgrades at work sound great!! New computers are always so much fun..especially if they are faster - I was so happy with my new computer at work - it runs like a dream!

Pity bout the 2kg, but at least its ONLY 2kg and not more. Enjoy those vegies! My man making dinner tonight - such a treat as he hardly EVER cooks.

Have a good weekend!!!