Monday, 8 September 2008

Medical updates

So Jr Her is mostly over her wog. She ended up having the rest of the week off school. As I mentioned she jumped out of bed eager to go to school, but as the morning progressed she flagged. Eventually she decided not to go. Smart move. But man, was she annoying by the weekend! Him stayed on the couch with her till I got home after lunch, at which point he bailed and went to bed (again, smart move) and I took over. She started to get her appetite back so became a real pain cause she wanted junk food Thursday and Friday.

I hadn't been cooking much because no one was hungry so we had been having small meals. But she is still not eating much at meal time but pigging out between little snot. At least her appetite is back.

The netball game on Saturday was fun. She took along her puffer for good measure, and despite complaining of a painful tight chest, she managed to play 3 quarters. She would have played a 4th but the coach took her off. Probably just as well too. She had a ball and as the team is a new team, with a lot of beginners, they don't play well at all. But it is great when the opposition come over and tell us that the team was a pleasure to play and how much fun the girls all seem to be having, without being discouraged that the opposition are wiping the floor with them. They care, but they don't let it upset them. They just vow to do better next time. I seriously hope they all play again next year. And they all got a ribbon and a bag of lollies for participating!

So now Him is sick. Yep, lying on the couch all week with a sick kid had to have side effects. Poor baby is really sniffly and clogged up. Coughing too. Throat is not too bad now, but he can't seem to stop his nose running despite medicating himself to the hilt. I feel bad he has to go to work tonight, but he is definately not one to take sickies. I can remember only once in thirteen years he had two nights off with the flu, and that was about twelve years ago!

Well, I am in the office by myself as the boss still hasn't come in, and give the time I will assume he won't be in today. He did have appointments which took him out of the office till after lunch, then he had something else to do, and now it is well after three....

So, I had better get back to work and try to achieve something....

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Miss LJ said...

Bloody sickness... But at least Jnr got to play netball on Saturday. I bet she was wrapt with that.

Poor hubby!!! Hope he's feeling better soon and hope you don't catch it next.

Take care