Thursday, 4 September 2008


So why do you supposed Winter brings colds and flu? Is it because the air is heavier so air-borne germs find it harder to escape the atmosphere? I mean, the common cold is not actually something caused by getting wet, being cold, or anything like that. It is simply an airborne virus that we come into contact with somewhere and voila! A cold.

Anyway, Jr Her has one. Well, it's a virus of some sort. When I picked her up from OSHC on Monday she was almost asleep in front of the telly. The carers commented she was unusually quiet too. She complained of a headache, feeling dizzy, and an extremely sore throat.

Well, Tuesday she had lost her voice (Yay!). She was very poorly so I kept her home. Him napped in the couch until lunch time, when he took himself off to bed. Her friend Tiny's mum dropped in for a bit after lunch to check on her, and when I came home she was a bit brighter but still unwell.

On Wednesday, she crawled out of bed, made a nest in the lounge and went back to sleep. She napped most of the morning apparently. I finished work after lunch and Him toddled off to bed and I took over. I took her to the doctor later in the afternoon, and she was given a Ventolin puffer and a nasal spray. If she starts coughing up green stuff (her wog has gone into her chest so she is getting a nasty cough now) I have a script for antibiotics for her.

This morning she has said she wants to go back to school, but I feel her bravado is failing a bit, so I have left the decision up to her. I think if she does go she will end up coming home at lunch time anyway...see what happens I guess.

She has her netball final game on Saturday and is determined not to miss that. Fingers crossed, even if she only plays one quarter, she will be well enough to go. Well, she will go anyway, whether she plays or not remains to be seen...


Anonymous said...

winter is almost over so no more colds. miss you lots wally (not the cat)

SOL's view said...

the joys of viral wotsits. the teen was battling a throat problem the weekend prior, and this morning was a tad snippy cause she was all clogged up.

*wilts* yay for clogged noses...