Monday, 15 September 2008

Say Cheese....

Well, what an interesting week it has been.

Last week all seemed back to normal on the health front. Jr Her perked up, had the week off school and managed to play netball on Saturday, as I said. Him got a little sick, but got over it pretty quick. Life goes on.

Then, because Jr Her's school was closed on Thursday, I had to take the day off (my boss must be really sore at all the time I have had off lately!). The weather was lovely and I made lunch plans with a couple of lovely little old ladies I am friends with, but whom I never see much of any more. And I made an appointment with the dental surgeon for Jr Her.

So, before we left home, Jr Her got a call that her new glasses she ordered the week before were in. See, I forgot to tell you, Him took himself and her to eye appointments while she was off school. Anyway, we decided to leave early and collect said glasses. She was happy, and they look great.

Lucky, the dental surgeon was across the road from the shopping centre where the optometrist was, so we didn't have far to go. So, big shock at the dentist. It would appear our little tyke is going to cost us a fortune in dental care over the next few years. Poor little lamb. She doesn't have enough teeth in her lower jaw, and the unexposed adult eye teeth in her upper jaw are almost horizontal instead of vertical.

This means that next week Him is taking her to have the two baby eye teeth she still has pulled, and in six months we have to have her xrayed again to check the progress of the adult eye teeth. If they have broken the surface of her gum it will be okay. However, if not, she will need a small procedure to expose the teeth. Then she will need braces fixed. They will be in place for about 3 years. Toward the last six months of that time she will have a lower set attached to move as many of her teeth toward the front as possible to close up as much of the gap as possible.

So, although she knew from an early age that she would need braces (the school dentist told her she may when she was in about year 2) I think the full extent of the poor kid's deformed dental region was quite a shock. But, you know, she wasn't at all perturbed about the whole thing. She hasn't said much, hasn't asked any questions, or doesn't appear to be worried at all. Course, that may change when we tell her she is off to the dentist to have teeth pulled! Hee hee.

Oh, and the lunch afterward with my buddies was lovely!


SOL's view said...

wow. that's going to bite the pocket.

the teen needs hers looked at - she has too many teeth. maybe they could swap?

i'm all for this dental plan thing the govt is pushing for teens, but the only dentist i have checked with so far wants to you pay upfront, then claim it back using the voucher. which kind of defeats the purpose where i'm concerned....

so, are they going to do the old metal ones, or are they going the way of the new trend for invisalign?

Anonymous said...

hey tooth problems must run in the family eh?? I am going to hospital on 18th to have 2 of my wisdoms removed. One of them becuase... its growing horizontally, and breaking the tooth in front!! moose :-P

Miss LJ said...

Oh!! Poor thing. That sounds both expensive and painful. I've done the braces thing when I was 10, so luckily got it over pretty young. Hope she will be Ok with the pulling of the teeth.

Glad to hear hubby got better quickly and that you managed to enjoy lunch with your friends.

take care.... xxx