Saturday, 20 September 2008

Spoiled Rotten

It's really hard to type when your eyes are blurry and you are trying to preserve your fingernails...

See, I have had the most wonderful day today. First, earlier this week Him told me he was taking me to lunch Saturday. No worries says me. Always up for that. He said it was for my birthday next week, as both of us would be working.

So we all went to Brighton for lunch, to the Esplanade Hotel. Very nice spot, bit cool but lovely day anyway. We ate lunch, then drove up and down the esplanade for a while. Then he suddenly pulls over and tells Jr Her they had to buy something for mum's birthday.

So we all bail out again in the same street we had just left. He found a really expensive dress shop and got me took in there. Luckily for the bank account they only catered for "little" people and not elephants.

So we walked a little further down the street and he opened the door of a beauty spa. Hello, what's going on here? He says to the girl "I'm a little early"... oh dear, what's he done?

He had treated me to a massage, facial and manicure! What a lovely little treasure! I had a very relaxing afternoon, and it was my first full package, and certainly one of the loveliest things anyone has done for me. A friend had bought me a massage for my 40th, but that's all.

This was the full works, and I really enjoyed it. My eyes are watering from some of the stuff that go into my eyes I think, but that's okay. I feel terrific! And I have lovely pink nails. He was going to treat me to a set of false nails but as my nails are pretty good by themselves, the chick recommended just fixing up my own, which we did.

Then when we got home, because I had fresh nails, he even took the washing off the line and folded it for me.

Man, I am so lucky! Love that man!


Miss LJ said...

How wonderful!! What an awesome treat for you.... Your man certainly knows how to give you a lovely treat - I think my fella need a tutorial from your man in 'how to romance a lady'!!!

I hope you have a great birthdday coming up this week - and even if you are working, I hope its an enjoyable day!!


Anonymous said...

wow that wayne is a great guy. just got to love wally

SOL's view said...

so, where is the stuff about the bridge to bay walk you did? huh?

have a happy birthday next week. i would have thought you had stopped 'celebrating' by now!