Tuesday, 6 January 2009

*Yawn* Is it home time yet?

I am so not used to this working stuff. Seriously. It's lucky I have plenty to do, or I would go spare. Of course, now Him gets up at the crack of dawn, depriving me of an extra hour sleep. But once I stumble into work, I know that this week anyway, I have plenty to make the day go faster.

I really enjoyed my holidays. I really did. I long for more now. I think the Australia Day long weekend we are planning a getaway to Port Broughton for two nights. That will be, um, interesting, as we are taking Jr Her's friend along for the ride. Two nights of moody tweenies. Oh the joy... Hopefully they will enjoy picking up a fishing rod or swimming. They will have to... Or I will go nuts!

I did have some fun last week, though. I had been given a $50 David Jones voucher for my birthday, and some other cash along the way. I had saved up about $200 plus the voucher so off I toddled.

You know, the amazing this is that Him was so helpful. He was finding things for me to try on, holding my purchases, suggesting colours and styles. It really was a fun day. I spent $264, but the full price of my purchases was $518, so I think I did pretty well.

I ended up with:

1 x red and white crumpled skirt
1 x white linen blouse
1 x white 60's style knitted top
1 x slinky black 3/4 sleeve tee (very soft, very light, and very sexy)
1 x white, orange, navy sheer top over a black Cami
1 x orange, white and black cotton blouse with orange collar and cuffs.

I think I did pretty well myself, and really, what a fun day out!

Now, I had better get back to these bank reconciliations...

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SOL's view said...

you know, for something different, how about wearing them all at once? =) just for the derring do...

go on, you know you want to.

yeah, you do.


ps. "eduled" what sort of jumble is that? but it's gone now, and i'm up to "conic"