Friday, 16 January 2009

This whole weight merry-go-round

So I was all prepared to do this right thing this time. Yep, after my last doctor visit, I was going to surprise him with yet another loss.

And for awhile it looked like it was actually going to happen. I had lost a kilo and actually gotten to under 90kg! Man, was I excited!

But, true to form, I have been going through the typical holiday routine of eating more than I should, and eating more rubbish than I should.

It is actually hard to diet when you have a lap band, simply because you need to eat, and a lot of the traditional diet things I can't eat. So, I have to eat small regular meals, and often snack on the wrong stuff.

I had been good since being back at work, and only eating breakfast, trying to hold out till lunch and eating a small lunch, then eating dinner at night. But man, that's REALLY hard. So I didn't do it for long. This week has been lots of naughty stuff, like chocolate. Not much chocolate, but chocolate all the same.

Yesterday I was very disappointed in myself. I had my usual half a container of leftovers. This time sausage casserole and mashed potatoes. But I also had morning tea of 3 rice cakes with a thin smear of butter. But got the munchies after lunch and ended up with a Picnic bar and a packet of twisties. Very unusual for me.

Now, it's only half past ten and the munchies have set in. I bought some nut mix last night, but had to buy the ones with the chocolate coated peanuts. I figured I can be good....

Almost. I am having my first small nibble now A few pieces of yoghurt coated nuts, Vienna peanuts, and sultanas. Not much, just a small gathering... see how long it lasts...

Sigh, well, I still have a couple of weeks till my visit. Maybe, if I try, I can still lose that kilo and get under 90kg....

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Anonymous said...

wow, love your new layout. hey, just keep plugging along, we have faith in ya big sis... xx moose