Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Well, I don't really have anything to say. Not really. It's been a very quiet week (always is when you're broke) so nothing really has happened.

Him has been busy this weekend though. We had to put our van in to be fixed as the awning tore recently, and there was wind damage to the framework. So we got a new awning. That meant we didn't actually have the van at home for a week. I didn't realise we could drive the car right into the back yard... or how much forgotten squid left in the freezer stinks...

Anyway, Him had a box made up. Well, a draw really. It fits under the van, and pulls out the left side. The draw is a shallow white tray designed to carry the ground matting we put down, and the shade cloth, well, shade, we put up as well. Very clever design it is (but his measuring did prove he needs to wear his glasses more often...). It took him all weekend to get it sorted but he was very triumphant Sunday afternoon when he bolted it to the chassis of the van and Voila! it works a treat.

Then, he managed to secure the replaced awning, took it yesterday to get channel and eyelets sewn into it, and after spending several hours on Sunday measuring and cutting to make several poles, we now have a double awning, with poles running through the channel for stability and three poles for support. That is, the old awning slides into the extra sail rail on the new awning roller, and extends out another 2 metres to provide extra shade. The girls will be happy this weekend because we are going to put their tent under the extended shade. That means if it rains they will be protected.....rain....think I remember something about that stuff...

But, I digress. Anyway, it will mean our set up takes up the entire width of the site, but it will be the Mercedes of caravan set ups! Trial run this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes!

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SOL's view said...

Does sound like fun. Camping inna tent. While the olds get the van! WHAT is this world coming too??? *shakes head*