Friday, 10 April 2009

Hey, SOL, We're Famous!

So the local radio station is running an Online Family Cookbook promotion, where listeners are invited to submit their family recipes. The best ones are going to be put up against each other at a Cookoff later this month. People are contacted by the station and if you are lucky enough to get contacted, you get invited to the cookoff party.

SOL gave me a cheesecake recipe many years ago, which was for a grated chocolate cheesecake. I have changed it a little, and come up with a creamy lemon cheesecake. Many of you will remember my cheesecake. It's legendary in some parts... lol.

Anyway, this week I was contacted by the station. On Thursday they played the grab of my chat with the DJ, and lo and behold, look what appeared on the website...

When you first go onto the website, there are two recipe pictures, taken by the station of the product they made I guess, and ONE OF THEM IS MINE! So, thanks SOL, we are famous! xx

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