Thursday, 9 April 2009

How time flies when you're having fun

So I know I don't blog enough. I'm sorry for that. It's just that nothing exciting happens here. My life is totally boring. Or is it that life is just too bloody fast to stop and find something to write about?

I mean, my life consists of an endless round of:

Wake up at 6.15am
Make Jr Her's lunch
Find something for my lunch
Make breakfast
Eat breakfast
Start the washing
Wash my hair
Wake up Jr Her
Say good morning to the dog
Dry my hair
Get dressed
Apply make up
Get Jr Her breakfast cause she's too lazy to make her own
Hang the washing out
Kiss Him good morning as we cross paths, he on his way home to bed, me off to work
Drive 45 minutes to work
Go to the post office on the way to work
Work for 7.5 hours
Most days I take a half hour walk with a girlfriend, when we have time!
Drive 30 minutes home
Drop off the car and pick up the dog for the 10 minute walk to the school to collect Jr Her from After School Care
Walk home
Get the washing off the line
If Him is awake, spend a few moments saying hello
Start dinner
Fight with Jr Her to get her to do homework/get a shower
Eat dinner
Spend some time with Him
Get Him off to work
At 9.30pm, when he goes, I can sit and have ME time. By then it's a quick shower and lay in bed to watch maybe an hour of TV if I can stay awake.

Only to do it all again the next day. Weekends usually mean getting the house tidy and the washing started before Jr Her's tutor comes. Then, doing some menial chores around the house before we get into whatever it may be that we have on - grocery shopping, errands, projects around the house.

By Monday I have had a busy weekend and my week starts all over again. Man, sometimes I wish I had a life worth writing about! It's no wonder that I am getting tired and irritable, and not to mention forgetful! Like this morning, when I realised I didn't have the correct EFTPOS card in my wallet, and in front of Him, forgot to put the car in gear before going to collect the card. The car started rolling but luckily it was on a flat surface. Those of you who know Him and his love of his cars (rightly so, too), will know what a misnomer this was!

Or when I was making Jr Her's sandwich and I went to get lettuce and instead got another slice of bread....

We could have gone away this weekend, but I requested 4 days of just staying home. I don't want to move, I don't want to do anything. Except the grocery shopping on Saturday, the ironing, cleaning up the lounge, tackling the mess beside my bed, trying to get rid of some of the extra stuff I have accumulated over the last 42 years....


Miss LJ said...

Sounds like a busy weekend planned!! My life is similar mate...get up, work, go home, the oinly difference is that I don't have a Jr to look after, and Andrew is now back on day shift....forever apparently!!

Enjoy your easter weekend,a dn enjoy some of the lively weather with Ozzie!! I'm sure He'll love a few walks!

SOL's view said...

Lol. But I don't imagine mine is any less dull than yours.....

**affecati** ... whatever ...