Thursday, 23 April 2009

Party Night! Woot!

So last night was the Triple M "Cook-off" and it was great! Held at the Highway Hotel, not far from home, where the Chef is a genius.

They took 4 audience recipes, the 3 radio stars' recipes, and a special one from Wes Carr as well for good measure. We were greeted at the door by waiters with tiny take out containers with a sample of a lovely bacon noodle dish, which as it turned out, was the only one I sampled, stupid me!

We wandered in, got the first of our free drinks, and found a spot in a similar position to last time, near the stage. After a little while Chris Dzelde from the breakfast show wandered past. As he did I said "Hi Chris". He stopped, looked back at me, and said "Colleen! What are you doing here, again!" Nice, hey? I got a kiss and a hug too. We chatted for a bit, then he wandered off in search of another host.

Through the night we were offered Kym Dillon's mum's tuna mornay, Chris Dzelde's mum's stuffed peppers, Ali Carle's mum's beef stroganoff, another listener's mum's doodydaks (don't ask) which was a meatball wrapped in puff pastry, apple crumble, and Wes Carr's choice of strawberry cheesecake. I am not sure why I didn't sample more, although I wasn't really hungry. I think it was just that I found it was too difficult to try to eat it the way it was presented.

Through the night we got to chat to Kym Dillon, and Him suggestede they next do a listener list of favourite holiday destinations. Great idea, and Kym liked the sound of it.

Ali remembered Him from last time when he suggested he take Vanessa Amorosi home, and Ali said she'd come too! Haha. That was funny!

All in all, it was a very fun evening, and we were told we would each receive a printed copy of the online recipe book. Excellent. As it was winding up, we were standing talking to Kym and later Chris, and I asked Kym how, if we received our books on the way out, would we be able to get them autographed? He grabbed the copy that was on the table they were using and got the others to sign it for me!

Wes Carr finished off the evening, singing his two hits, as well as a pretty good impression of Michael Jackson's Black or White. He is very talented, and was even playing the guitar behind his head. Not too many real musos can do that.

At the end of the night Chris and Kym were in the foyer signing the books for the others, but I had the first! **feels special**

We also met Kym's partner Emma and she was just lovely. So, great night, sore feet, and Him found out that he really shouldn't mix red wine with the medication he is on...


SOL's view said...

Wow! Looks really great. Lemme know where I can get mitts on the winning recipes!

**unche** hmmmm un-chee mun-chee

Chris H said...

What fun! Is that you? You are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

excellent looks like you had great fun!
love wally