Sunday, 5 April 2009

Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie!

So Jr Her's friend Tiny owns a dog. This dog had puppies two weeks ago, and that got me thinking. I wonder if the landlord would reconsider his negative answer toward us having a dog. I mean, we have been here almost 7 years and all.

So I made the call. Because it was us, and because we were good tenants, he was prepared to let us if we were prepared to sign a special lease declaring us responsible for any damage to the carpet. I took that bit of info to Him to get his opinion. A dog, he says. Hmmm.

Anyway, we discussed it for a week and decided that we didn't want a puppy. He suggested an older dog from the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League. As luck would have it we found ourselves child free last weekend and decided to look around the dog pounds. I found a lovely greyhound named Marco but when I mentioned him to Jr Her and Him they both laughed at me. No class those two.

We decided we wanted an older dog (at least 5 months, but no older than 2-3), who was an outside dog. Preferrably house trained too. We ran this by the landlord on Monday night, and he was quite okay with that, and even suggested we forget about the special lease too. It was a very satisfactory discussion and everyone was happy with the outcome.

Anyway, last weekend after we collected Jr Her, we took her to see a little dog for sale. He was a Maltese cross, and unfortunately he was very timid and actually bit Jr Her. Much to his owner's embarrassment!

So we found the websites for the RSPCA and Animal Welfare and keep looking each day at what dogs were available. We found several likely suspects, but a couple of those were taken before the week was out.

We also went to see on Friday night a lovely little chap names Charlie, who, like the previous Charlie who had bitten Jr Her, was a Maltese cross. He was delightful. He was affordable, friendly, and came with is kennel, leash, collar, food etc. Bargain really. Him was quite taken and so was Jr Her. Until he humped her leg. Instant turn off I think.

I think we had our heart set on him. We had been watching a fellow from RSPCA but on that Friday night he was on hold, meaning a family wanted to take him but something was holding it up.

Jr Her was devastated because he looked just right. Never mind. We decided on the Saturday to have a look anyway in case another dog took her fancy. Would you believe she actually liked Marco the greyhound! I was very happy until the keeper said he was an inside dog. Apparently greyhounds loose their heat very quickly so must be kept inside. Not what we agreed on.

We noticed a family spending time with the dog we had our heart set on. But then the family left without him. I found the keeper and asked if he was still on hold. No, he wasn't! Great, can we sit with him? We spent quite some time with him on Saturday. We noticed he was timid around Jr Her, but she was able to get a game out of him, and he responded to simple commands with rewards. He was very intelligent looking, and a lovely nature.

Great, we'll take him. We have a cat already, so the keeper checked with the office to see if he passed the cat test. He did! Yippee! BUT (and there is always a but!) we had to get a letter from the landlord stating we could have a dog. Wouldn't you believe it, I didn't have his phone number, just his mobile and it was turned off.

So we had to leave our new friend behind and go home. On the way we stopped and bought him toys, harness, leash, kennel.... the bill was huge! We phoned the landlord when we got home and he agreed to do us a letter.

Clutching this we arrived at the RSPCA on opening time today, only to discover they had to phone him to verify it and he wasn't answering his mobile. Did I know his home number? Of course not. Luckily for us they let us do the transaction provided I gave them the number when I got home. So, we bought our new friend home.

In the car he travelled like an old pro. He lay beside Jr Her until we were almost home then sat up and looked out the window. He never made a peep. When he got home he raced around the big back yard like a madman! It was histerical! He was in doggy heaven! He is such a lovely fellow, and sticks right beside Him. When it came time for the cat to meet him, he just sat beside Him's chair, and didn't move a muscle when the cat bravely (for him anyway) ventured out for a closer look. A little later, when he was feeling more frisky, he stared the cat down, and I suspect if I was not sitting between them, would have tried to round him up.

But he has been on his best behavour all afternoon, considering he is a border collie cross, desexed (which now days seems to mean they keep their boy bits but get an internal snip by the look of it), microchipped and vaccinated. He does have hip displacia, which will mean long term problems but we are okay with that. He is so much fun and Jr Her loves him (and I suspect so does Him!). He is a natural to take for a walk, and doesn't try to pull at his lead.

So, let me introduce to you, Ozzie!


Anonymous said...

i love ozzie. he can play with wallace anytime. love wally
get looking dog xxx

Anonymous said...

who the heck got rid of such a lovely looking dog for him to end up at RSPCA? whats the catch? is there a problem they're not telling you? and yes, he is BEAUTIFUL!!! moose xx

SOL's view said...

Good looking dog! Puts the rest of you to shame.


**hipflut** ??

Chris H said...

He is a beautiful boy! Our Teddy was made an 'it'... they removed his balls! If your dog still has his I would wonder if he is 'fixed'? No idea really, I just thought they always removed the testicles.

The Elder said...

i want one!!!!!!!!
but jawsome says no.
at least i might be able to get a great dane. cause they're just like jawsome. dopy and lovable.