Saturday, 25 April 2009

Wild weather

So the last few days have actually been Adelaide weather. If you live in Adelaide, and I know one of you does, you will know what I mean.

We chose to move to Adelaide because you actually experience 4 seasons here. Summer is hot, Autumn is cool and windy with lovely tree colour changes, Winter is wet, cold and dark, and spring is the renewing of life.

Lately, the Winters have been getting warmer and dryer. Not warm yes, like Queensland, but certainly not as cold as they used to be when we first got here. I think the first year here it was as low as 1 degree. Now, it only gets that cold for a week then sits about 8-9 degrees.

But this week we have experienced some very cold, wet, windy weather typical of Autumn. The sun tries to poke through, and manages briefly for a few minutes, but then the rain starts. And the wind blows a gale! It's currently 17 degrees as I type this, and in the office here it's actually 18 degrees, but that's because the window is open so we can yell at the dog when he barks at the neighbour, as he did at 5.00 this morning when she and her fellow decided to have a session in the kitchen!

Now, having a dog, and a lovely back patio, one would think he would be okay. But, the winds are northerly, and everything under the patio is wet. We turned the dog house around sideways so he had shelter. One would think that's where he would be.

But no, not Ozzie. I went outside before and he is in his day bed beside the patio furniture, which was just getting the spray from the wind.

Then, when we had the last blast of heavy rain, I looked out and he is sitting here under the office window, which was copping quite a bit of rain. The wind was so strong the side of his house is wet, and indeed the lino in front of the doorway has pools of water on it. Poor bloke. I am very glad we turned it around for him, as I didn't realise quite how far the water came in!

And where do you think Jr Her has chosen to spend the afternoon with a friend? At the snow dome, ice skating....

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Miss LJ said...

This weather is great!! So nice to have a decent amount of rain. Pity Mr Rudd didn't pay my stimulus earlier or else I would have had my new water tank full by now!!

Hope Ozzie manages to keep dry, and that you have a good weekend keeping warm!!! We're off to the home living expo tomorrow, so hopefully we don't get too wet there!