Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Dunno what to call it

So I still haven't got anything exciting to blog about. All I seem to see happening around me is an endless stream of work, housework, sleep, work, housework, sleep.

I am sick to death of being tired and grumpy. Our weekends are a nightmare because I resent having to do all the housework, and I can't control this horrible deep funk I fall into at the drop of a hat lately. I know there is something wrong but I can't control it.

I have been taking Evening Primrose, Fish Oil and Vitamin B complex but nothing seems to work. I am just sick of being me. I am normally a positive person, although somewhat humourless my family would say... but lately everything sets me off. And this weekend Him didn't take his happy pills and I could see the difference too. He was moody and avoided me all weekend, and I as a result was moody and avoided him.

I think I might take a trip to the chemist and see if I can find something natural to help. I have been given the name of a herbalist to try but he is too expensive to see yet.

We are going away this weekend and while I am looking forward to the break away, I am not looking forward to everything that goes with it. I have no energy for setting up house somewhere else, nor do I particularly want to be with a whining teen who will be unhappy to be away from the computer, and a husband who won't have ebay to surf. I would be happy to curl up in a corner with my book but I don't think I will be allowed to.

It will be interesting in that we are taking the pets. It will be their first adventure away from the house, and I am not sure what they will make of it. Guess we'll see won't we?

Anyway, I'll keep you posted...


Chris H said...

Sorry you are in a funk!
I used to resent having to do all the housework too... so Stew and I had a good long talk and now he helps. ... that way I don't feel so annoyed all the time.
Sometimes just having a talk about what is upsetting you without yelling at the other person is a good thing.
And not saying stuff that puts them on the defense at the same time is important too... you have to choose your words carefully!
I don't really like going on 'holiday' cos it always means that much more work for ME. Packing, unpacking... organinsing, bla bla bla. Where is the fun in that I ask ya???

I hope you do have a nice time away... I will keep me fingers crossed for you.

SOL's view said...

I know where you're coming from. Hopefully taking the pets with you may mean a welcome distraction from the missing computer.

I'm thinking the funk could have something to do with something called A Rut. Give them some warning, and spend the afternoon at a friend's place. Time to be doing some girlie stuff with another girlie methinks.