Monday, 12 October 2009

blah blah blah

So I have had requests to update my blog. Well, here it is. Updated.

Nothing happens at my house most of the time.

I go to work.

I come home.

I go back again the next day.

About the only thing is that Dobby has had her second surgery on her gum, and got the all clear from the dentist Friday that things are going swimmingly. She reckons she can even tell that they are helping. Go figure.

I did have a lingerie party this weekend. That was nice. About six ladies turned up, plus two outside orders. Always a bonus! I managed to get $80 to spend, plus a half price garment.

I bought a lovely top, purple and orange type colours, with a round neckline with purple sequins. For my half price garment I bought a long purple and black halterneck. I just hope it fits and looks okay...

She also had a box of reduced garments. I bought:

A pair of orange and black bikinis for Dobby for $20
A pair of blue leggings and a top for myself for $45 for both
A blue satin nightgown for $20
A long black dress for Dobby for $50 (this was half price).

Bargain, I would say.

Anyway, on Sunday we moved the van. When we got home from Meningie last weekend we pulled it through to the back yard and left it there while Fluffy did some work on it.

Yesterday, because the mowers are coming today, we had to put it back where it belonged. No small feat.

See the grass is soft and the ground is soggy from so much rain. The van weights 1.5 tonne. We had to spin it around 180 degrees, without hitting trees or getting stuck in the ground.

Fluffy got out his old hand winch, but had to pull it apart first, to get it working again. Then he used it to pull the van forward partway, so we could spin it freely. Then it was a matter of laying a continous road of bits of metal plating, pushing a few feet, then relaying it again, to run the jockey wheel on. We did that. Then Fluffy got the ute and pulled it around properly and parked it up. Job done.

Other than that, I really struggled Sunday. I woke up, well, I didn't really wake up at all. I got up after 8 on Sunday but struggled to wake up. Even my skin felt tired. I did some washing, washed the dog, took an exercise bike to a friend's house, and moved the van.

In the afternoon I settled in to read while Bathurst was on, and fell asleep! And I was still tired at 9. Sigh. Hate this....

Anyway, that's about it for my week. I hope I have something better to write soon! :-)


Anonymous said...

glad you got nice top. have a great week. miss you. wally

SOL's view said...

Sounds like your wallet had a party. :)

That's why you were so tired - bein a wonderful hostess take it out of you!

Hope that stuff works for you. And soon. :D

**forth** huh. a real word. well, that takes the fun out of it!

Butterfly Kissez said...

really like the new background =) I'm a purple & pink kind of person so I love it although someone at work walked past it complaining about needing sunglasses because my screen was so "pink" lol.

*isrent* is rent really the best option???

Chris H said...

Woo hoo to all the purchases!
And moving the van.
for someone who had nothing to update about, you did well!

Leanne said...

Glad to hear that the Gum surgery went OK. Poor thing!! Braces suck, but she will have such nice teeth once its all done.

Lingerie party sounds good!! And you certainly got some good bargins. My favourite ever PJ's come from one of those parties.

Hope that you have managed to have a good week, and that maybe something exciting happens on the weekend for you!!

Take care xx