Thursday, 8 October 2009


You know, I hate writing when I feel negative. I try not to do it. I can think more clearly when I am in a good space.

But lately, I always seem to be feeling low. Flat. Not negative in a "poor me" way. Well, probably a little bit, but mostly in a tired, flat, no energy way. That's how I have been feeling lately. I am actually on the verge of losing my job because of it. I make mistakes, forget to do things, don't smile anymore, and am the bitch from hell.

So I went to the doc last week and he put me onto some herbal thing to try to bring my hormones back into line. He says give it a few weeks and I should feel better. I bloody hope so, cause I ain't feeling so hot at the moment.

Anyway, I wanted to stop by quickly to tell you about my weekend away.

We had been thinking of joining a caravan club, and found they were staying at the Lake Albert Caravan Park at Meningie over the long weekend. After trying a few other places, we decided to book into there as well, and take the dog. We could then decide for ourselves whether we wanted to check out the club. We had been in contact with other members who told us to look for the crowd gathering at ten am, but they themselves weren't going.

Fluffy packed up Hermoine, Dobby, and Oz, and I skipped off work a couple of hours early and headed down before dark. Poor Oz was a bit freaked out by the caravan following, and was quite unsettled coming through the tunnels (the car revs because it uses a lower gear, and he didn't like that). The girls had to put up with him walking all over their laps and pulling their headphones out until he kind of settled.

We stopped at Tailem Bend for a pie and the dog seemed much more settled after that.

It was about 5 when we got to the park, so we set up and let the girls go exploring. It takes a while to get the whole kit set up but it looks great - double awning and the tent. Sadly, it rained overnight and the table and chairs got a bit wet, but the girls were dry. So was Oz, he slept in the tent with them

The weekend went well. Saturday morning, while we were pondering whether to make ourselves known, a gent about our age wandered over to us and introduced himself. He had been told we were there and interested in having a look, so invited us over to join in morning tea. That made up our mind for us.

The people are lovely and we spent the weekend hanging out with them on and off. We had games on Saturday afternoon, which was throwing wooden discs at a "jack", and Fluffy and I made it to the finals play off. Everyone reckoned we let the winning fellow, a funny pomm, psyche us out. Maybe!

Hermoine's gran had baked numerous cakes and stuff so we handed those out at lunch and afternoon tea on Sunday.

Sunday was Fluffy's birthday, so we did the present thing before morning tea. Then the group headed up to Coorong for a picnic. As we were not allowed to take the dog, we left Hermoine and Dobby for two hours. They went for a swim and took the dog. He enjoyed it.

We had the chocolate cake Gran had baked for Fluffy's birthday for morning tea on Monday before we left. Everyone enjoyed it.

It was a good weekend. The next rally is in November in Tenunda. We have been invited to go. We attend 3 rallies with the group, then the committee decide if we can join. I don't think we will have any problems, as we seemed to get on with everyone. Even the girls made a couple of new friends in the group.

Guess we'll see what happens...


SOL's view said...

that sounds like a lot of fun for the weekend. *wishes i had a gran who baked lots of stuff*

chin old girl. keep a journal, and when you're through it, you can pass it to dobby and tell her - look what is going to happen to you!!!

**coxanes** ... ... ... ... nope, got nuthin

Butterfly Kissez said...

Wish I could get my MM out of the house for the weekend...he's starting to settle in as being a homebody...we're too young to be sitting on the back porch smoking a pipe and basket weaving!!

As for the energy level thing you almost describe me to a tee! I like Sol's idea of keeping a journal...I have done that and it has also helped me to know what my triggers are for going postal on people lol...a big *hug* from me..

*huctosi* lordy! where do they come up with these things!

Anonymous said...

glad you had good weekend..wally