Wednesday, 21 October 2009

EEK! How did that happen!

So I find myself back on the diet treadmill again.

I knew recently that I had been indulging in my comfort eating again. No big wonder then that I had put a bit of weight on. Nothing serious, but when I got on the scales yesterday it seems I have put on about 3kg. My scales are notoriously inaccurate, but that's the gist of it. I knew in advance it would be a gain anyway.

So, Monday this week I decided to bite the bullet. I have a visit with my surgeon next Tuesday and wasn't prepared to have him go mad at me for such a big gain.

I trudged up to Coles and had a look at the diet shakes. I found two products which were reduced so decided to buy two cans of each, and some snack bars of the same brand.

When I got them home and read them properly it seems they are the powdered drink to be taken half an hour before meals, which expand in your stomach to reduce your actual food intake and keep you fuller longer.

Considering I am already on reduced food levels, i decided to just have the shake as a meal. I started yesterday morning, having a shake with low fat milk and a cup of tea for breakfast.

For morning tea I had two small sticks of raspberry licorice. By 11 I was hungry, but held out until about 12.2o. I had another shake with 4 Vita Wheats with butter and vegemite for lunch, followed by about 750 mls water through the afternoon.

For afternoon tea I had a couple of spoons of yoghurt and one of the snack bars.

Dinner last night, I had a shake before tea then marinated lamb chop with mashed potatoe and pumpkin and peas. Very nice. I was hungry when I went to bed but apart from a cup of milo I resisted the urge to splurge.

Today I have had the shake and a cup of tea for breakfast, and two raspberry licorice sticks for norming tea. I am hungry now, but not terribly so. My boss has just shown me what he bought in for us for morning tea - some type of apple cake which looks horribly delicious. I will have that and a sachet of low fat hot choclate (dash of skim milk and the rest water).

Lunch will be a shake and crackers again.

Hopefully I can delay that till about 1.00 or so. Oh, and I went for a longer walk yesterday and will do so again today if the weather stays nice.

Fingers crossed if I keep this up I can lose at least one of those extra kg before Tuesday. Fingers crossed anyway....


SOL's view said...

i'm sure you'll manage!

whew, my eyes are still seeing funny patterns from the pink background... :)

**nessigu** why? did i sneeze?

Chris H said...

Good luck with that girl!

Anonymous said...

you will do wally

Butterfly Kissez said...

Sounds like you are doing well so far! I just bought up a heap of fruit from our local fruit market and it all looked so good. Tastes even better! I have never been much of a fruit person unless it is REALLY nice fruit. So the last couple of days I have just been pigging out on watermelon and rockmelons...yummy :)

*tersew* wish I could learn tersew!