Monday, 26 October 2009

Was that the weekend?

So I had a pretty busy weekend. Lets not get excited and say it was eventful. Just seemed to fly by that's all.

Friday I stopped off on the way home to give blood. My pulse rate was up slightly when the interview first started, but after awhile it had come down to an acceptable level. Whew. That's okay then. I also mentioned that I had taken some medication the night before for a headache. She spent ages checking that up but didn't say much. Then, I mentioned in passing about having a biopsy the next day. Proceedings scream to a halt. It seems that if you have a procedure like that scheduled they won't take blood in case they have to do a removal, because with any procedure I could bleed and need a transplant. Then, I have to wait 4 weeks after the procedure before I can give blood. My next appointment is booked for January so I think I will just leave it till then.

Came outside and was greeted by a parking ticket. For $56! Because, although I checked the signs, my addled brain read "ticketed parking between 8 and 4 weekdays". It also read the sign below that "ticketed parking between 8 and 6 weekends." What it didn't read was the No Stopping sign 4-6 weekdays. Bugger!!!!

Saturday I had another doctor appointment. I think I may as well put that place as my permanent address. I seem to be spending a lot of time there lately. On the way up I stopped at Big W. Mum wanted to get my nephew an MP3 player as he steals his sisters a lot. I told her as we would have to load the music for her I would look out down here for one. So, I stopped at Big W to see if they had any cheapies.

No such luck. So while I was there I bought another kiddie gate to keep the dog out of the cat's littler box (ew), a pair of shorts and two tees for said nephew, a tee, shorts and thongs for his sister.

I was a good girl and didn't do any shopping for myself, although I did get a pair of shorts and a tee for Dobby, but as her room is a disgrace again she is not getting them till she does something about that.

Then, up to the doctor. I got the results of my blood tests, and my iron level is again high. It usually is lately. And, surprise, surprise! my hormone levels were low. Gee, really? He sent me for a repeat of one of the tests. Sigh.

I had two suspected skin cancers biopsied on my face. One on my forehead and one on my top lip. Bloody hell, the anesthetic needle hurts more than the procedure would have! Made my eyes water. And my face was covered with Betadine. I had to pay for my procedure then go to the bathroom and try to clean it off. Lovely! I had a fat lip to try speak with too. And, the one on my forehead kept bleeding.

I bought Barnacle Bill's for lunch, then headed home feeling sorry for myself. After lunch I decided to brush the dog, and leaning over made the forehead one bleed again. I could feel it running down my face. Fluffy was busy with the caravan and had stuff all over his hands, so I rushed into the laundry to find something in the first aid kit to clean myself up with and do you think I could find even a bandaid?

I went into the bathroom to clean up and when I saw all the blood, of course, being a female, I almost passed out. Had to lay on the bathroom floor. Bless Dobby, she poked her hand around the corner of the door with an alcohol wipe to clean some of the blood off with.

I asked her to take the main bag of bandages outside and ask her father to find something sticky to put over it. I stayed on the floor.

He cleaned himself up and found a piece of gauze and some tape and came and fixed me up. Sigh. I didn't feel too good after that, and as the afternoon wore on I felt tired and headachey. But I wasn't game to take anything for it in case it made it bleed again.

Anyway, it's all okay now. I have two little black spots on my face to show for my troubles. Yesterday we had a visit from a lovely couple we don't see often enough who stayed for coffee. It was great to see them again. I did housework and found a little time to read a bit. Not much though. It was too bloody cold to get comfortable enough.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my weekend. I will stop by briefly tomorrow to tell you what the doctor says at my weigh in... won't be good anyway....


SOL's view said...

Lol. Pessimist. Think of all that weight you lost when you got rid of the iron in the bathroom....

Chris H said...

Ahhh ya poor bugger! Hope you are feeling a bit better now.

Anonymous said...

wow. you have are the fun. i can see you now on the bathroom floor. Reminds me of us whale watching..For people reading this colleen was very sick and spent most of the trip on the wally

Butterfly Kissez said...

Awww you poor's a cyber hug for you! The things we go through in the name of good health eh?

*thyto* I will thyto not faint when I next get a needle.