Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Eudunda, part 1

Because this weekend was so long I will post over the next 4 days. Hopefully then it will make it a bit more exciting for you, waiting with baited breath for the next installment.... okay, I just don't have time to write it all just now!

So anyway, we ended up leaving Thursday night. This was the one rally I had put my foot down. We are definitely not leaving Thursday. We are going Friday morning. Early if you like, but Friday morning.

Then I got asked to be a team captain for our Survivor Eudunda challenge. Which meant I had to be there and prepared by ten Friday morning. Sigh. We went Thursday. It was very busy on the roads and we had to stop and pick up Hermione. But we were loaded up by nan with pink fairy cakes, biscuits, fruitcake and a nut roll, bless her. Yummo!

We arrived about 6.45 pm, to set up on the school oval. As we were the last to arrive, we chose a spot right at the end, and parked sideways (there was a slight hill so we would have rolled over onto our side if we hadn't). As it was a school oval there was no other vans to take our spot, no complaining neighbours, and we were right outside the gym which housed the toilets and showers. Now, when I say showers, it was a rudimentary set up with two stalls, and broken shower curtains on the 5 shower stalls in the ladies, one cubicle, one urinal, and a completely open shower stall in the mens. They strung shower curtains between them but luckily guys are not as prudish as women so they had to get to know their neighbour whether they liked it or not.

Friday morning we wandered down to morning tea at ten, and were allocated our teams. I am really glad I chose to be a captian, as it gave me some control (and lets face it, power) over the weekend. We were given a white piece of blank material, and 12 pieces of material to wear all weekend as Buffs. This had to be on our person at all times, or penalties would apply.

The idea of this challenge was to come out with the least amount of points. The team the came in last place scored 4 points, 3rd was 2 points, 2nd was 2 points and 1st was 1 point. Plus a point was awarded for not wearing your bandana, being rude or disrespectful, or cheating.

Our first task was to assemble in our groups and decorate our banners. This is ours...

Pretty neat, hey? We had all the coolest members of the club in our team. Wenz decided our name, and it was accepted by the team. Fluffy called us the Double D's cause there were so many ladies in the group. Fluffy's team was called FarQ 2, which the hostess pronounced Far A Que 2. Dobby's team was called Thong U, and Hermione's team was Young Ones.

Then we had a free afternoon, so all the kids took off and played in the gym. Noisy but fun.

We had a lazy afternoon before club game at 3.oopm followed by happy hour, the dinner.

Our first challenge after dinner was an interesting thing where we had 3 lines of 4 people within our group. we had to run across the gym, untie a bag, then hand it to the next person, who had to untie several knots. They then handed it to a 3rd person who ran across the gym, touched the wall, then handed the blocks to a 4th person. When all 3 bags of blocks were on the table we had to assemble a word. Our word was Port Noarlunga.

We won. Naturally there was much celebrating by the Stunna Wanna-Bees!


Anonymous said...

sounds good so far love wally

Butterfly Kissez said...

Sounds awesome! Can't wait for Part 2!!

*chaguei* french for something???

Micki said...

I enjoyed your post and what fun to hear about it!

Chris H said...

Sounds like a lot of fun... well except for the showers!