Friday, 25 April 2008

Anzac Day

So, how did you spend Anzac Day? I mean, apart from being bombarded on every channel with war stories and live cross-overs.

See, at the risk of sounding horrid, I am sort of over it. I don't mean any disrespect, but I can only take so many war stories in one week. And lets face it, we do get a week of it. Every channel, every day.

I admit, some of the stories are quite interesting, like the one about the Australian Submarine last night on ABC. But surely other stuff happens worthy of the news reporting.

Having said that, it is great to see the kids now getting on board. It's great that they have an understanding of what these brave men and women did for our country. Well, men I guess, but it is tragic that they died fighting someone else's war. It is also good that now, almost 100 years later, the countries involved have moved on and put the past behind them to form new alliances. There doesn't seem to be too many that are not prepared to shake hands and let bygones be bygones. It must be very difficult to forget that the Japanese, German, Soviet and Korean people at some time or another all had guns pointed at our people.

But I think we should all be focusing on peace now. Yeah, like that'll ever happen!

Anyway, today I made a batch of vanilla fudge (that was too sugary but still tasty), a batch of peanut brittle (that I put the baking soda in too early and it too went sugary like fudge) and a batch of (naturally) Anzac biscuits (some of which got a little darker than they should due to chatting over the fence with the daughter of my deceased neighbour).

Add to that the steak that for some reason the pepper seasoning got a little burned on (which didn't affect the taste of the meat, but the fumes made me cough and sneeze).

All in all, a great gastronomical disaster of a day!

So what did YOU do today?

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Miss LJ said...

Well... you may not have been painting, but sounds like you were still working with all that cooking!! All sounds rather yummy to me. I miss have a proper oven so that I can cook bickies and cakes... and even avoided roasting a chicken last night as I'm not sure about the best way to go about it with the convection oven. I'll be game and try it tonight.

I agree with you regarding the war stories during the week. But for the first time ever I actually sat and watched the laying of the wreaths at ANZAC cove, and it brought a tear to my eyes. And hearing the last post is always such an emotional experience.

And you're right about the kids getting involved, I think its great to see them all taking such an interest in something that happened to long ago to people that they didn't even know.

It must be cold and wet outside - one of my cats has decided that scming into the study is a much better idea than being outside.

I hope the rest of your weekend is good... and that you don't have too many more gastronomical disasters (although your fudge sounded rather yummy!!)

And as you know... my weekend will be spent with a paint brush and roller in hand!! but off for a nice walk this morning at linear park in Highbury... hopefully we won't get wet.