Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Yay for Monday!

Seriously, I need to go back to work to relax! What a weekend. It all started on Saturday morning, early, when I had to take the car in for a service. If I had it there by 8.20 they would start it first, and I could get it back in time to take Jr Her to an appointment.

So up we rocked, and a very nice (somewhat limpy due to a piece of glass in the foot) young fellow booked us in. We filled up the water bottle and went for a walk to Le Cornu, a furniture shop not far away. About twenty minutes later we arrive at said shop, only to find it closed. Sigh.

Across the road to Hungry Jacks for a Sundae, and back to the car place. Sat and read the paper for awhile, and about 9.45 the car was done. As we had a few minutes, and drive right past anyway, I decided to dash into BigW for some scrap booking pieces to finish my wedding album.

Then, a mad dash up the highway to Jr Her's appointment. We were about 5 minutes late (and I blame that stupid lady who was doing 60 in a 70k zone!)

Her appointment took an hour, and we were off again. Down to Harvey Normans. What are we looking for? Beds. Jr Her's bed is about 7 years old, and the bottom metal slats are somewhat bent and her mattress is cactus anyway. We found a couple of possibilities there, and walked next door to 40 Winks. Upstairs to Lifestyle Furniture, then across the road to Captain Snooze and Dreamland. (Thanks goodness they are all in a similar area). Quick lunch at Subway (which I only managed a few bites of, despite being hungry and somewhat dehydrated).

Than, back down the road to Le Cornu. Guess what? We found her bed here. Wouldn't you know it? If it had been open when we first got there we would have saved about two hours of worry. By this time it is half past two, and we phoned Him to collect the bed (the mattress will have to wait) after work.

Off then to a friend's house to view the table pieces she is making for our reception. Then finally back home. We stripped out Jr Her's room, vacuumed and cleaned, and re arranged everything ready for the bed. Still no Him. Turns out they forgot about him and left him sitting waiting.

Anyway, he brings it home - in 5 boxes with a million screws, washers, bolts and nuts. We spent five and a half hours putting the bed together. It's a bunk, a chipboard but heavy quality, with a desk underneath. And a wardrobe on the end. At then end of the night (after Harry Potter finished) it was ready to sleep in but no doors on the wardrobe, and so it remains today.

Well, that was okay, she is done, but Sunday was my turn. Him left for work about 5.45 and up I got, started pulling stuff out of my room. I moved furniture, cleaned, vacuumed, re-arranged and made my room all different. Jr Her helped a little but was far more intent on the telly.

After lunch time I had to stop as I had errands to run. She and I popped down to Ikea to look for a desk lamp for her new desk, as it is quite dark under there. Found her a little cheap green one (her favourite colour) along with door knobs for the cupboard and a green bowl for her desk (don't ask).

We stopped for a late lunch there, and then off to the shopping centre to look for thongs for me as of my two pair, one is falling apart and half of the other remains in New Zealand somewhere.

KMart has 25% off Girl Express and as someone had a growth spurt while we were away, we decided to lay-bye a couple of things. But she lacks patience with trying stuff on, and of the stuff she tried on, most didn't fit. We ended up lay-bying a pair of jeans (the 4th pair she tried on, and in fact, didn't try these on so we are taking a chance) and a black zip up jumper with little skulls all over it. We found two other pieces which we decided to buy for her to wear to her party. A cotton top originally $30, reduced to $17, and with 25% off, reduced to about $12. A pair of black three quarter pants which for some reason scanned at less than $3 had to come home as well!

She also bought a pair of black gym boots (remember those?) which were cheap to start with and 20% off. And I got my thongs. The only pair of rubber thongs in my size and they are black, with white and pink graffiti pattern of skull and cross bones. Charming!

Then, off to Coles to grocery shop. Then home, unpack, take off the 3 loads of washing I had done, hang out the last one that had been left in the machine, and finish tidying up, cook tea, and after all that, spent an hour or so doing some scrap booking. Bed at 10.30 again. Whew!

All this week I have things to do around the house in the evenings. And things to do Thursday night before the interlopers arrive from interstate (if they can get here that is, sick grand kids may put a stop to those plans). Then another full on weekend.

I need a holiday....


Miss LJ said...

WOW!! What a busy weekend!! At least you got a bed...eventually!

My weekend was spent having visitors... hence nothing productive got done! We haven't even chosen a colour for the lounge room walls yet - Its becomming a bit of a difficult job!! Looking foward to the long weekend - might actually get a chance to do something.

Hope you manage to have a relaxing week and that work is not too stressful for you.

It has been confirmed yesterday that my work is moving in early June. Its going ato be a busy next few months!!!

Oh, and glad to hear your xray thing went OK.


Anonymous said...

hey, i DO read your blog still - i check it most every day!!! i just dont comment anymore... :-D xxoo