Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Uncontrollable Urges

Take your mind out of the gutter, it's not what you think.

A friend recently admitted going on a binge eat. Well, I can fully sympathise. Since I had my band loosened a couple of weeks ago, I have been eating almost everything in sight. And there has been a lot in sight. We bought up big for the after-reception party that never eventuated. Only a few people came back to our place so we have (or had) lots of leftovers.

And we had 2 barbeques that weekend, so there was a lot of yummy food for that too. I made all that confectionery on the weekend, plus biscuits, and have managed to eat a lot of that myself. My husband recently made the comment that all I did this long weekend was lay on the couch and eat. I actually take offence to that because I didn't lay on the couch all weekend at all....

I really need to knuckle down and control myself. I am seriously thinking of going back to the doctor and getting the band re-inflated a fraction, about halfway between where it was at too tight, and where it is now. Surely it's all a mind game, I can't be eating that much more than I was. It was only a couple of mls difference...

Whatever the case, I seriously need to take a look at myself and take action...if I don't I will undo all this work I have done. 22 kg is not close enough yet to where I want to be.

Well, back to my potato, salsa and lite cheese...mmmmm


Miss LJ said...

Yeah, binge eating sucks. I have a BAD habit of it at night time - and I haven't worked out the best way to fix it yet. It still follows on from NOT smoking.... and I just need to break the binge habit now!

That wasn't nice what hubby said... but my boy is similar and makes such comments to me - he reckons I'm on a See-food diet - see food and eat it!! hehe.

Taking action is the key mate.... I really need to do that soon too... it just gets so hard sometimes!!

By the way... love the new piccy on your blog. Looks great!!

SOL's view said...

hey love the new background.