Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Coming down

Feeling rather flat today. Tired, flat, and deflated.

I think I have a good reason though. It's all over. All those things that have been giving me stress for the last few weeks are finished with.

The BAS was due in at work last Wednesday. I have been working like a Trojan, but I managed to get it in Thursday. And that was with having to redo all those lost weeks in the accounting system. One day late to the accountant. I am really, really happy with that.

And, this weekend was our reception. My family (mum, dad, a sister and a niece) arrived Friday morning. I had been up late doing housework and stuff, so when they arrived it was like "FINALLY!". We had a busy day Friday, as I made them sit through the DVD we made of the wedding itself, the the DVD of photos, then the photo album. After that we drove to pick up a jacket I put away for Jr Her's birthday, then to a craft shop to pick up table scatters, then lunch. We went back home and I dropped them at their motel just down the street.

We walked back to the school to pick up Jr Her and got caught in the rain (my hair does not like rain. I looked like a drowned rat. Very uncharming!). We brought them back to our house, and Him cooked a lovely bbq dinner. Then he took them home and left to pick up his brother and partner from the airport. They stayed till eleven and Him took them back to the motel.

Then Saturday was the day of the reception. We spent the morning preparing food for an after party, and getting ready. Before I got dressed Him commented that my dress would be too big as he thought I had lost weight. I just laughed but when Jr Her zipped me into the dress, it zipped right up easily. Seems he was right!

The reception was lovely. It went for 4 hours so only three couples came back to our house (lots of food left over, that's for sure!). It was very special to see my friends all sitting together, talking and making new friends. And my family enjoyed themselves too. I only realised this morning though that I didn't get any photos of us all together! Man, am I mad at that!!

Saturday evening I don't even think we had dinner as we had all nibbled all afternoon. Sunday morning we picked up the troops from the motel and prepared for Jr Her's birthday party. It was good because she did everything herself. I was very proud of her. She organised it all, prepared the games, and ran everything very well. All I had to do was get the food. We just managed to do the cake when Him's brother had to leave for the airport.

Sunday night we bought pizza for dinner. Then, Monday morning I picked up the troops early, did their washing, and left dad and Him home together while the rest of us went shopping in the city. SOL wanted to have coffee with a friend, so we dumped her off and went looking for a Goth shop for her niece, but it had either moved, or we were looking in the wrong place. I opt for the former...

After that we met the boys at Port Adelaide and took a dolphin watch cruise. Even saw a couple of dolphins. Pity about the screaming kids, otherwise it would have been good. The family enjoyed themselves anyway.

After that I took them to a discount dump house and they bought a few things, then home to vege. Him had gone out the day before and bought a lovely silver side from our favourite butcher, so I cooked that up Monday, and we had dinner. Then it was time to bid my guests farewell. It is always sad to say goodbye, but I was brave. Had a little sook in the car though (but I'll never admit that out loud!)

Today, they flew back to Queensland, and as my boss is in Sydney, I am left sitting here alone. De-stressing, kicking back, waiting for the next stress batch...


Miss LJ said...

PHEWWWWWWWWW!! that all sounded so busy it almost stressed me out reading it!! hahaha! Just jokes.

Sounded like everything went well, and glad to hear you enjoyed time with your family and friends. Nothing like a good gathering of important people in your life.

RE: my cat - yes he's desexed, but the little bugger is an adventurous one. They (I have 2)only go out during the day - and I TRY to get them in before night fall, but its not always that easy... And they NEVER stay out all night - unless I can't find them. I try to be a responsible cat owner!!! But I am going to try to prevent him going out the front...

HOpe you manage to have a relaxing week... take a breather, and put your feet up. At least your boss is away...


Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a full few days eh? glad you enjoyed it. say hi to Natalie for me :-) xx

Anonymous said...

glad it hear it all went so well. i am sorry that i miss it.. wally