Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A bit of excitememt

So I was sitting on the bed, minding my own business with a bowl of Spag Bol in my lap, chatting to Him, when all of a sudden I hear BANG! Scrabble scrabble scrabble! What the!

Jr Her gets up to investigate and makes noises along the lines of Wally, are you all right boy? In his haste to escape something he had banged against the door. The sound of the screen door banging alerted me to the cat in distress, so I go to investigate. I can hear Jr Her making other surprised noises as well. This is not just a stray cat at the back door...

When I went into the kitchen I found poor Wally a huge bundle of fluff, tail fluffed up and back hair standing on end, poor lad. Jr Her is by the back door and what do I see? Two large dogs bounding around my back patio! No wonder Wally nearly s**t himself! I did too!

So, I called in to Him to come help with this one. It's not that I felt threatened. Well, maybe I did. I didn't know these dogs and I had no idea of they would attack me or not. They were huskies, very big and very strong looking.

Him goes straight out to close the shed doors, to prevent them escaping. What??? Oh, of course, that way we can keep them until they quiet down, and make sure the street says safe. After all, we didn't know these dogs, or whether they were to be trusted. I told him to watch them while I grabbed my phone. Why? he asked? So I can find out if they have a number to call. The smaller female did. I phoned the number and a fellow answered.

I asked him if he owned two Samoyed type dogs. Yes, I do, and I am on my way home now. Where do you live? I gave him directions and he thanked me, telling me he would be here in one minute.

Him went and unlocked the shed doors but kept them closed, and I went out the front. Almost to the second, one minute later a white car pulled into the drive. He was even going to offer Him a beer (hang on, it was my idea to find a number and call!!! And it was me who called!). Anyway, after chatting a few minutes, Him opened the door and out bounded these two happy puppies. Turns out they had both only been desexed that week, and one, the huge male, was only a year old. Lovely dogs though.

So, we chatted for a few minutes then Him sadly watched the two dogs drive away. After all, if we were allowed to have a dog, that is exactly what we would have... so close....

Oh, and a further note to my previous blog, unfortunately I am stuck being late for work. I can't start earlier because I would then have to book Jr Her into Before School Care, and I just don't have the money. So I plod along, with the other thousands of frustrated commuters. Luckily it's only another week...


The Elder said...

nawwwwww i love huskies and malamutes!!

there's a malamute puppy living in our old garage. his name is buddy. he's so friendly! he's still only pretty young, and he already stands my hip height at his shoulder. but he's so friendly and pretty!!!!!!

jawsome hates dogs though, so looks like i'll always miss out on that one. but at least he likes cats.

or maybe i can buy a chiuahuah and pass it off as a rat......


SOL's view said...

yes elder, pass that chowie off as a rat. no one could tell the difference anyway.

well, that would have been a bit of excitment for the evening. for all concerned, not just wally. =)