Monday, 16 March 2009

March already

So it's that time of the year again. The traffic is backed up, tempers are flaring and horns are honking. Yep, Clipsal is here again!

So far, I have been lucky. Year before last I worked down Portrush Road do missed the gridlock (no pun intended). Last year we were in New Zealand for Clipsal. But this year! This year, I am working the next street over!

As far as I can see there may be some advantage to that. One, I will hear the racing, and the jets flying over. Free of charge. Two, the boss lives practically overlooking the track. If I play my cards right he may invite us over for a wine tasting? Not likely but wishful thinking.

Three, well, if I walk down the end of the street behind work I will come out behind the grandstands. If I am lucky I may get to hear the cars roaring past at the right moment. I would have liked to send Him to the racing this year. But sadly, finances are so tight we just can't. Sad but true.

I love the atmosphere though. Even the drivers rate it as one of the best races on the circuit. Well done Adelaide. Just another reason we love it here. This year, too, it's actually cold. It will be warm for the racing though, and dry. Yes, we have had a few drops of rain lately! The weekend will see the return of hot weather, but not the same as last year's temperatures though. And this year they put covers on all the grandstands.

Well, I will have to find an alternate route to work for the rest of the week. Sigh. Closing one of the main thoroughfares is not really smart... the build up is horrid. Lets see what tomorrow brings...


Miss LJ said...

Good luck with getting to work!! Luckily I get to avaoid all that mess. Due to finances I'm not going to Clipsal this year - I love car racing...but am going to enjoy it at home. Last year was awesome weather for racing - nice and cool, but the year before was a STINKER!!! hopefully some rain will be good.... love a bit of actionon the track from that!

have a good week, hope you don't get too stressed out - you could always start work super early to avoid the build up.

SOL's view said...

Yeah, there's a thought. Start earlier to avoid the crush! Would that let you finish earlier too? How long does it last??

And what the heck is a *fecorn* ??
(apart from my word verification)