Monday, 30 March 2009


So after the excitement of Saturday (see previous blog) we decided to have a slack day Sunday.

With Jr Her at her sleepover, and the thought of a long day ahead of us, we decided to take it easy. Him has been forced to reduce his smoking, so given that he sits out at the back table and smokes all day, he did very well to sit there and not smoke all day. He limited his smokes to one per sitting, meaning he would have his smoke then sit and chat to me, get up and do something, and then go get a cold drink. He didn't just sit and smoke.

I had plans to do some house work. Didn't happen. We just pottered around. We did move the caravan off the front lawn back to the back yard. Him moves it with the work ute and I give directions (to make sure he doesn't it anything). Not that I need to. Him is very adept at moving the van.

We also decided to wash the car. That's about the extent of our day. At the appointed hour we popped into the clean car for the drive down to Noarlunga Centre to collect Jr Her from her ice skating birthday party she attended.

We did have one stop to make. After our visit to the puppy pounds Saturday afternoon, we decided to look on the web for dogs for sale. There was one lovely fellow at Old Reynella, not far actually from the birthday girl's house. It was a bichon frise cross and the owner said she had to sell him because they were working too long hours to take care if him.

So, as a surprise to Jr Her we stopped in on the way home. Unfortunately, when we go there, she mentioned that the neighbours kids had teased the dog and he now hated kids. Sure did. he bit Jr Her.

So, guess who didn't come home with us? That website also had two other little dogs but no phone number so we had to leave emails. However, neither has gotten back to us yet.

Guess next weekend we will be off to the pount to look for our new family member. Jr Her is very excited...


SOL's view said...

wow! a new family member. that will be great. you'll post pics of the new addition when you settle on one?


Chris H said...

What a shame about that puppy, they are adorable, just look at our Teddy. And he's wonderful with kids!
Well done on the hubby cutting down on the fags, home he can stop altogether!