Monday, 23 March 2009

It's Monday already?

So I had a busy weekend, really. At least I think I did. It flew by too quickly to be sure.

Friday night I had a cocktail Tupperware party. It was actually a lot of fun. Only 4 ladies turned up but any more and it would have been too noisy and busy. We made Sangria's, very tasty, and I spent way too much money (nothing unusual there). It was a very lovely social evening.

After the party Jr Her went to our friend Tee's place for sleepover. I love sleepovers. She did too, and as always, Tee spoiled her with chocolate, pringles, and a DVD for her birthday (which is next month), not to mention getting her nails done!

Saturday Him and I had a short course to do. It was quite sobering but very informative. It addressed the growing issue of child abuse, what signs to look for and what to do if you find any of those signs. The group was quite a good group too, and they fed us silly which is always a bonus in my book.

After that, Him and I lounged about the house for a bit, and I was complaining that I had gotten a headache from the course. So he offered me a full body massage. Who am I to refuse? It was extremely relaxing. After showers we thought we would wander down to the Bay for dinner.

I suggested Hogs Breath, as we hadn't been there for many years. The place was fully booked but we could go on a waiting list. We did. While we were waiting we wandered down to the foreshore and watched the street performer, and the crowds. Just wasted time.

Dinner was lovely and we were home by quarter past ten. Sunday we picked Jr Her up from her sleepover, and had coffee there. I had ironing to do, and washing, so I was busy for most of the morning.

We did sit down to watch the race, but I think we all ended up having Nana naps. I am not sure if Jr Her did, but she was horribly quiet for awhile. Then it was washing to bring in, dinner to prepare (I made a yummy meat loaf with baked potatoes). Then watched City Homicide and went to bed.

Only to be woken up at five this morning...


SOL's view said...

haven't been to hogs breath for ages either. your evening sounds soooooo relaxing...

Chris H said...

Hi there chick... hell I just read your profile.. we are very alike don't ya think?
Anyway... thanks for popping by and leaving a comment. ... I likes comments! lol
I will pop back later when I have time and have a read of your blog!