Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Eudunda day 2

Saturday morning we were up late. I had a terrible night Thursday night but Friday I slept well. Aah, those headache pills work wonders!

We started the day with a pancake breakfast provided by the club. We just had to supply our own toppings. I think I managed half of one. They lacked sweetness but were great anyway.

After breakfast we were supposed to do another challenge but the club treasurer turned up so we all paid our dues instead. Then the kids had kids club where the kids made their baskets for the Easter Egg hunt on Sunday. We decided to do 3 challenges tonight instead.

That left a free afternoon. The captain of Thong U wandered down for a chat, the kids showed up with friends for lunch, then eventually they all cleared off and we were left alone. Fluffy had a nap, I read my book.

At 6.00 we all gathered for a hot pot dinner, with food being supplied by each family. I did a stroganoff. Not real great be edible...

After dinner I pulled Hermione aside and asked her why she wouldn't join in. Every time I looked at her she was sitting by herself. She reckoned she tried but Dobby kept telling her to go away. So I pulled Dobby aside and asked her. She said they had all asked Hermione to join in but she refused.

So I went to Wenz and asked if she would mind asking her girls. One said that Dobby had indeed said that, and the other said that Hermione refused to join in. Dobby also said that Hermione claimed she didn't like the other girls, which I could believe.

So, I told Dobby to behave and Hermione she had to join in, that was afterall, the whole purpose of her coming along!

Anyway, we had 3 more challenges to get through.

First challenge involved a dish of jelly beans, and several coloured dishes, and a plastic teaspoon. I am sure you can figure out what to do here. No? Well, sort the colours into their matching container, silly!

We won that one...

Second challenge was a toss up between head and tails... with two coins. Everyone played, with the 4 team captains tossing the coins (although I forgot to have my go as I had wandered back to my team momentarily). We had to place our hands on our head to indicate 2 heads, hands on bottoms indicated 2 tails, and one on each indicated, well it's pretty obvious really. The team with one person guessing the right answer and everyone else wrong, was declared winner. Then those who were wrong that time played off for the remaining places.

We won that one....

The last challenge was to tear a sheet of newspaper into the longest possible strip, then lay the longest piece from each member in a line. Team with the longest paper line wins.

We won that one too......

In their defense, Fluffy's team could have won two of these challenges but for a single loud-mouth. Every time Fluffy put forward an idea, this arrogant SOB pooh-poohed it away and insisted they do something else. Fluffy's ideas were the exact ones that won it for us. I don't think he was the only one displeased with the loudmouth's efforts either from talk that was circulating...

So Fluffy went to bed early, and as I am not one to sit around the campfire drinking and shooting the shit I stayed inside and read a bit more till the girls went to bed.

Legends, we are hey!


Anonymous said...

And I thought all you caravanning people did was sit around on your butt all day outside your vans comparing sizes (of vans) and trips! Love Rat.

Butterfly Kissez said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time away! It's a shame there's always one know-it-all who has to spoil everything...bit like the real TV show Survivor really lol...and what a shame Hermione is having trouble trying to fit in...I thought she got on so well with Dobby...is it because of Dobby's friendship with the other kids you think? I know with Miss 16 and her BFF the friend hates Miss 16 hanging out with other kids because the BFF "hates" them and thinks Miss 16 should hang out "exclusively" with her...kids are funny like that...keep the stories coming though!

*prests* We have a mozzie plague at the moment and man they are prests!

Anonymous said...

part 2 sounds good too. love wally

SOL's view said...

Gosh yes! ABSOLUTE legends. And all of you were on different teams? Good way to work it I think! *specially if only you were on the winning team!*