Sunday, 25 April 2010

Living on Death Row

At least it feels like that sometimes... but more about that later.

In the true tradition of my life, this week has been eventful. Did I mention I need a holiday?

Monday night Dobby had netball training, Tuesday we sold an item on Ebay for a lovely price and the fellow came by and picked it up Wednesday evening. Thursday, nothing actually happened... Friday I gave blood, and they gave me a bruise and aching elbow for my efforts. It was a guy and I swear he was in another world. I told him it hurt but he said it would be okay. It ached the whole time I donated, ached while I bought KFC for dinner, ached while I slept and Saturday it had come up in a bruise.
The pic doesn't do it justice - it's actually darker than that.

Saturday morning we had a group therapy thingy with a lady who is helping us as a family. She is lovely and hopefully she can help us communicate better (and Dobby to not be a total terrible teen!). After that we went to Rite Price supermarket again and bought a few bits and pieces (they have crunchy muesli type cereal, 3 for $2! Gotta love that!).

We came home, had a bite to eat, than took Dobby to her first competition netball game for her new team. She played two halves and it was lovely to watch her in action for a team that could actually play!
Do you like their uniform?
Dobby in action
Taking the shot
Dobby (GA) scores another goal! She scored almost all the goals in the second half.
We got rained on, too, but that didn't deter them! They won, 19-16! Dobby was very happy. We made sure everyone knew (as you do!).

After the game we came home and had a lovely hot dinner.

Sunday morning we saw an ambulance vehicle outside. Soon after a police car came. We were wondering what was going on, when Fluffy wandered out to the end of the driveway. A police officer came to him and asked when we had last seen our neighbour, who had recently, (a couple of years ago) lost her mum. Turns out the unfortunate lass had taken a fall, hit her head on concrete pavers, and died. She was disabled and used to ride her scooter around everywhere. When they told us what had happened I felt terrible because apparently it happened Friday or Saturday, meaning she had been outside in all that terrible rain we had recently. Poor lass.

We milled about watching the comings and goings. Dobby was quite excited when the forensic fellow turned up with his camera, then I told her to watch for an unmarked van. Next thing I hear "mum, the van's here!" Sure enough, there is the silver coroner's van. It was all over quite quickly, about two hours. Which is good, because when the friend of a friend passed away at her house in Brisbane, the body was there for hours and hours.

Anyway, poor Tracey has gone. She left behind Annabell, and we offered to take her until they could find her family. However, before they left the police told us they left her there and a friend of Tracey's would feed her. I think she will run away because Tracey is not there anymore. But that's just my opinion...

So, it feels a bit like we are living on death row. First the old biddy next door, then late last year the old gent across the road. Now Tracey.... I wonder who will be next?

Anyway, that was Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon Dobby had a couple of friends turn up for a sausage sizzle. Not really a party, but nice for her anyway. Two couples from the caravan club, with 3 teens. Actually, one lady was unable to come because she is a nurse and got asked to work Sunday. At $64 an hour she would have been silly to refuse!

We had a great afternoon, ate waaaay too much. I had put out nibblies and they also brought nibblies, then by the time we did the sausage sizzle no one was really hungry. They bought Dobby lovely gifts - two vouchers, a make up pallette, Impulse body sprays. She did extremely well, lucky duck. They had a great time, as did we grown-ups. After they left Fluffy wasn't feeling real crash and had a bit of a nap. Dobby and I veged in front of the telly. When it came to dinner she was going to just put some leftovers on a plate but eventually I decided to make us eggs on toast for dinner - scrambled for Dobby and I, fried for Fluffy. That was all. Then, more veging and a hot bath for me. Early night for Fluffy.

Monday was perfect. Nan was going to pay us a visit but cancelled last night. So today, I put on the old rags, didn't bother with my hair, and didn't leave the house. We ate nibblies for morning tea, soup for lunch and dinner tonight will be leftover uncooked sausages made into a sausage casserole with mashed potatoes. I would do curried but don't have yummy coconut milk to go with it.

What a relaxing day. I could seriously get used to this.... did I mention I need a holiday?


SOL's view said...

Oh no! The poor thing! I hope she was unconscious and went quickly.

Dobby had a great afternoon by the sounds of it. Lucky teen. :)

Anonymous said...

Dobby looks cute in the red netball uniform! Red makes you play great apparently! love Rat

Anonymous said...

PS Don't think I want to live in your street! It's cursed! The vampires bruise me too sometimes when they take blood!love rat again.

Chris H said...

Ouch on the needle giving you an aching arm and bruise, that happens to me pretty much every time.
And things happen in 3's mate, so your neighbourhood has had it's 3 deaths now! Relax.

JoeinVegas said...

Good for you on the donating blood thing, sorry about the incompetant boob that bruised you and then ignored your complaint.

Anonymous said...

what a weekend. love wally

Butterfly Kissez said...

How sad for Tracey! I hope she passed quickly poor thing =(

Love the red uniforms BTW! Maybe add some sparklies (I love sparklies lol) and they would look great! Blind their opposition then! Good work to Sam too for doing such a great job!

Sounds like you had a brilliant weekend! Makes my week seem so ho-hum... :P

*ainoleci* hmmmm nup!