Sunday, 18 April 2010

Oh Dear! A TEEN!

So, as many of you know, dobby turned teenager this weekend.

Our week was busy as usual, but Fluffy went back onto dayshift, so because we had not booked Dobby into vacation care Thursday and Friday he got to take holidays, lucky bugger. I was busy flat out at work trying to catch up with end of month so left them to it.

I had Fluffy run a few errands and pay a few bills for me on Friday, and we had fish and chips for dinner Friday night.

Later that evening I left Fluffy watching TV while we tried to set up Dobby with a Facebook accout but of course it wouldn't let her because she wasn't 13. Should have realised it. Anyway, after she had gone to bed, Fluffy was passed out on the couch, so I went to bed.

About 11.30 I heard a terriffic rumbling noise I thought was a truck, or large airplane taking off from the airport. When the weather is right they make a very loud rumble. The sound reminded me of the noise generated from Clipsal and the Fringe festival while it was on. I couldn't find the source of the noise so went back to bed. It didn't last long but seemed to go on for several seconds.

Saturday I flew down to the shopping centre and picked up a few last minute things that were not on Fluffy's list, and happened on a Millers 50% off sale. I bought 3 teeshirts with 3/4 sleeves, a pair of trousers (n0t the most flattering but very comfy), a knitted nylon-type material light weight smokey light blue jacket, and 2 ribbed high necked jumpers, all for the low price of $52. Gotta be happy with that!

On the way home I heard mention on the radio of a quake that hit Adelaide Friday night. What! We don't get quakes here! Apparently we get many but they are too light to register! This was an earthquake. How bizarre is that!

Anyway, back home did some housework and washing, then friends from Gawler arrived. See, Dobby was having 2 friends over for a sleepover but wanted to share her birthday with caravan club friends. So we arranged a sausage sizzle for next weekend. But this family, with two teenage daughters, couldn't make it next weekend so they popped in for the afternoon yesterday.

We had a blast! All the girls played and mucked up all afternoon, we did cake and nibblies, then they left about six last night. I went to the local pizza place and bought dinner for the girls. They kept me waiting for awhile because the stupid little girl on the counter decided the 4 pizzas on the bench weren't mine (dunno what name she was reading) so I waited and waited until the manager got off the phone and asked me if he could help me. Stupid girl.
Dobby picked the cake herself. It was chocolate with chocolate cream. Very nice!

Here is the gathered teenagers, Mate, Minnie, Shansy, Jess and Dobby (seated)
Don't touch the bottom! Took her 4 attempts to blow out all the candles!

Anyway, the ladies ran around (literally) the back yard until late. At 11.30 I went out and told them to stay in the tent. At 12.30 Fluffy went out for a smoke and they were in the tent, but talking quietly. Didn't hear anymore after that until they got up about 8.3o.

We decided to open Dobby's presents while the girls were here. She got some track pants (3 pair), sports bra, shoes, and an electric guitar. But we are having trouble getting the amp to work. It seems it just wants to hum loudly...

After the girls had left we wandered down to the cinema and saw Alice in Wonderland. Once we had bought the tickets we went to Billy Baxters for lunch. Dobby and I had nachos, but they were a very small serve, the edge chips were burned, and they didn't have the advertised bolognaise sauce! Ripped off!

We stopped at Foodland for choc honeycomb and a bag of snakes, then ventured upstairs to see the movie. It was a good 3D movie. Very good effects, not quite as dark as I expected from what I was told. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Then home to vege out. I am very tired, and feel all headache and just achey. Fluffy rubbed my hand in the car on the way home, and asked "feeling worn out, love?". heh. Understatement!

So, it's rissoles for dinner, with the last few shoestring baked fries, then back to work tomorrow. Yay, this week I have done all the end of month stuff, and the boss is in Sydney. I can finally get that slow week I have been waiting for. I hope...


SOL's view said...

Good looking cake. Send some this way. :)

Teen hey. Wow.

Anonymous said...

nice cake :} glad it was a great wally

Butterfly Kissez said...

Happy Birthday Miss 13!!! Ah yes....13...mwahahahahahaha.

Cake looks great though :)

*veneivip* why do I get the weird words that look like nothing???

JoeinVegas said...

Slow week? I hope something comes up so that you don't get bored.
And now a teenager - things will get more interesting. (not just girls in that tent)

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for a piece of that Rat