Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Eudunda day 3 (Easter Sunday)

Today saw the end of daylight savings. What this meant for me, is that my natural waking time went from 7.00am to 6.00am. Crap.

However, it did allow me to take this:

Lovely, isn't it?

The dog has slept in the girls tent last night, supposedly, but they took him off his lead and when Fluffy got up to check him he found him wandering around the paddock! Lucky we weren't at a park or we could have been in a bit of trouble.

I went back to bed and read until Dobby got up about 7.30. It was Easter Sunday, so she had to find out what the Easter Bunny had bought her. Not much, but although neither actually said thank you, they both seemed happy enough with their haul.

After breakfast the kids went for an Easter Egg hunt, with all the found eggs getting divvied up among all the kids so they had about ten each. They were happy.

Then they had a visit from The Easter Bunny:

this is the Easter Bunny with all the guys around him. I videoed him with the kids and the ladies, but this was the only still shot I took.
he's all class, isn't he? NOT!

from a distance they look like hares... get it?

All the kids were given a large bunny, and the adults one of the above (he has both his and mine there, and I am please to say, they are still in the freezer!)

After morning tea we had our next challenge. This time we had to stand with our hands above our heads for as long as possible. Now, some of us were out in the first few minutes, I personally lasted about 20. But the winners lasted 45 minutes! One of those was a dancer, too, so that probably gave her the advantage. Our team lasted well over half an hour, with the proud lass being ex-army and used to holding a 2.5kg rifle over her head for ages.

We came 3rd in that challenge, with Fluffy's team coming first and Hermione's team coming 2nd. Dobby's team lost.

At the start of the day, we were on a lowly 6 points, with our next rivals on 12. However, overnight one team member had managed to get us an extra 4 points for not wearing her bandana, and for exclaiming loudly that she didn't want to do anymore challenges. Not happy Jan! Haha.

Most of the campers decided to go 4wdriving after lunch but one of Dobby's friends and her mum stayed behind, as did my girls, Fluffy and I. I think there were a couple others scattered about too who chose not to go. We had about 4 lazy hours to ourselves, and I managed to finish my book. It was lovely to have nothing to do. The girls always amuse themselves, at someone's van, or in the gym so we didn't have to worry about them, and we just relaxed. Aaah, that was sooooo good.

After dinner we had our last challenges. The first was laying our footwear in a line. This time the shortest line won. We came second this time.

Challenge 2 was the limbo. You know, I amazed myself by getting a lot lower than I though. My old hip joints were so sore and my back had packed it in so I didn't think I would be able to do anything. I think I got it to about boob level before I had to quit. Our team came second again.

The last challenge of the night was erecting a toilet tent. Fluffy's team won that one, and we came last.

Now it was down to 4 points between our teams.

As a way to let off steam we had a mini disco on our last night. A couple of adults and a few of the kids rocked on for an hour or so, and I admit, I had a blast dancing away. I haven't been to a nightclub for many, many years so it was nice to let my hair down. Apparently I totally embarrassed Dobby. Yay!


Butterfly Kissez said...

Lol...if you can embarass your kids at least once in your life then your job as a parent is done =) I know with MM and I we spend our entire parenting life trying to think up new ways to embarass our kids...apparently they are no longer able to be embarassed by anything we do anymore which is a shame hehe

*votraph* Wonder if the members of the votraph family could limbo??

SOL's view said...

Oh score! Nothing like a total embarrassment to lift the spirits. Well done!

Chris H said...

I live to embarrass my kids... .it's called PAYBACK!
Love the 'all class' photo!