Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Eudunda then home again

This morning we had our last morning cuppa, and the winners of the Survivor Eudunda Challenge were announced.

In 4th place - Thong U - Dobby's team.

In 3rd place - Young Ones - Hermione's team

In 2nd place (by one point, which they only lost because the umpire's daughter forgot her banner for about 30 seconds) - FarQu 2

Which, of course, means Stunna Wanna-Bees were the winners! Yippee!

Pretty good, hey? This is our Gloat Photo. We had the best time and I was very proud of my team!

We took our time packing up, and headed home about 11.45. After a stop to drop off Hermione at a servo close to her home, we eventually got home just before 3.00pm. Unpack the van, put Fluffy to bed (poor bugger was on night shift) and run some washing through, and we were done. What a busy weekend, but although I really didn't want to go, I did enjoy myself.

I will try to include more photos if any end up crossing my in-box....


Butterfly Kissez said...

Looking good there chookie!! Well done at winning...one point eh? I'm sure you're not rubbing it in much either hehe...sounds like a great time was had by all!

*creelet* a frog stuck in a rusty door???

Anonymous said...

Congratulations you clever dicks! love rat.

SOL's view said...

Cack @ Butterfly Kisses word.

Froggy, you winner you! Wouldn't have stood a chance if I were there! :D

JoeinVegas said...

Nice that you found a group that you all get along with - those weekends do sound like fun!