Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Dodgy Updated

So what I didn't mention the other day is that while we were at Carrickalinga I noticed some blood in Roger's stool.

It was a good spot, but as we had had kittens previously who had the odd blood spot I wasn't too worried, but thought I had better keep an eye on it. His stool is always soft and mushy too.

Anyway, when I got up yesterday morning I noticed a smudge of blood and stool on the wall above his tray. When I had a look at him he had a small clump of long hair sticking to his fluffy backside, which was covered in blood and poo. Glad he didn't bring THAT back to bed!

So, I made an appointment at the vet for last night, and we bundled him into his cat carrier and off we went.

He wasn't too pleased to be there, and tried so hard to hide, and the barking little dog out the back didn't help, but he survived (although he got quite upset at having the thermometer shoved up his backside, as I am sure we all would!)

Apparently he has a chronic disease of some sort, possible Guardia. As he has always had a soft stool, it's something he has had for a long time, and it has finally ulcerated causing the blood. The vet gave him a strong worm shot and he is now on antibiotics. If that doesn't work he will explore other possible causes, but I noticed this morning even that his stool is a lot firmer...

I also mentioned that he was sneezing considerably a few days after we brought him home. The person at RSPCA I spoke to said that it was probably his immune system adjusting because he was still boisterous etc. The vet got quite angry that I was misinformed and suggested he has a respiratory issue as well, which we will address when we get this one cleared up. His eyes are a little weepy, and we have noticed in the last few days he was making like he wanted to throw up a furball but didn't. That is associated with this respiratory problem too. Hopefully the antibiotics will clear that up too!

I brought up with the vet that Wally used to go outside and eat grass then come inside and cough up furballs quite often. He expressed his great surprise that he swallowed that much fur. He said there was obviously a problem which was causing him to be sick to much (once or twice a week) and if I think about it, that may be what contributed to his death, perhaps... we will never know, but it just may well be it. Heart conditions will make them sick so maybe that's what it was.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on how Dodge goes with his antibiotics...


SOL's view said...

Hope he gets better soon. He's a cute little cat. =)


yes, let's go rustle some mutts.....

Leanne said...

Oh!! The poor boy!!! I hope he gets better soon.

Your weekend away sounded eventful....Hope that you are managing to relax now, cause it doesn't sound like you did much on if over there!!

Happy hump day, and have a good rest of the week

Anonymous said...

Awww poor Roger. Hope he gets better soon xx moose

Anonymous said...

hope roger feels better soon