Thursday, 16 July 2009

It's worth it.

Thank you all for your well wishes for Dodge, it means a lot to him, and me of course...

Here is another clip of Dodge and Oz playing. Always cute to watch. Sorry about the quality, it's a bit dark, and for some reason, although I film it the right way up, it always ends up playing sideways... but I won't accept responsibility for any chiropractor appointments which may arise from viewing...

Anyway, I thought Dodge was getting better cause his poo had started to solidify, but today's efforts let me down a bit. While there was no blood, it was still soft. I was hoping that's what the problem was, but I guess I should give the antibiotics a fair go really. He has to take them for 10 days, and we are only on day 3.

I got a phone call tonight, while chatting to my mum, from Boss. He and his wife went to the beachhouse today, and when my phone rang I thought "oh dear, what happened..."

But it turns out he phoned me to tell me that he was very happy, as was Mrs Boss because we had left the place in such a lovely state. He joked I must have spent all weekend cleaning, but seriously, they were both very happy. I had left Mrs Boss a small gift of an old fish shaped dish filled with some scented cedar balls on the bar, and apparently she loved them.

Well, it's always nice to get positive feedback, and lets face it, I really did have to clean it because the dog left long black hair everywhere.

Made my evening anyway... :-)


SOL's view said...

sometimes, it's just gotta work out right!


what kinda word is that?? ideas anyone?

Chris H said...

It was very nice of Boss to ring and let you know how happy they were with how you left the beach house.

Butterfly Kissez said...

Hey froggy babe =) Loving reading all about your life in of these days me and MOTH will come visit you...about time we had a holiday! You make me laugh and god knows we need some these days.