Friday, 24 July 2009

Lucky me!

I have decided I am a thoroughly spoiled little bitch! And I love it!

Last weekend Him was playing on his computer and called me. "I've bought you something"... oh, I wonder what that is?

He showed me. It was a wooden glider chair (as opposed to a rocker). It glides back and forth instead of rocking on bars. So after a few hours of peace shopping by myself on Saturday, purchasing new work clothes and stuff, I got two hours of quiet on Sunday as well, cause he and Jr Her jumped into the ute to venture across Adelaide and pick it up for me.

That was a giggle apparently. When they arrived, the place was an absolute pig sty. The woman apologised saying they had just moved in, but Him thought the place looked all too lived in. There were piles and piles of clothes and junk on every surface!

My chair was out on the back patio covered in dog hair, and the woman had to vacumm it off. I wonder why they didn't do that before? They knew he was coming!

Then, before he had even finished loading it (with the help of Jr Her) into the back of the ute, she had shoved the money into her purse, grabbed the trolley and dashed across to the supermarket! We think perhaps she was a little hard for cash.

Anyway, we cleared out a corner of the lounge, and put the chair into there. It is wooden, with a green cushion with tiny white dots. We had a beige cushion with green, blue and pink roses on it, which sits very nicely on the chair.

Yesterday when I got home from work (at least I think it was yesterday...) there was a surprise for me. Him had gone to Ikea to buy a table to put beside my new chair. Sadly, it was too big but does look great in the corner beside the TV cabinet.

He had a wooden "butler" holding a flat part to put a coffee cup, which he put beside my chair, and while at Ikea he bought a lovely metal standing lamp. We also had a wooden candle holder beside the TV, so when I got home, the butler was holding my book the lamp was shining on my chair, and beside the lamp was one of my pillar candles, lit and glowing nicely. Isn't that fab? I am so lucky!

Love ya darl! xxx

On a separate note, Jr Her had a minor opp yesterday on her gum. I was expecting to go in for a quick procedure to expose the two teeth that are causing problems, pay a small gap, then go grocery shopping.

However, when we got there, they told us that they could do one, but the other would take longer than the time they had allowed. The one they did do took an hour and they actually cut a flap of gum and stitched it out of the way. Ew. She is upset cause she can't play netball tomorrow, as she is their star goal shooter, and it's the only team they have a hope of beating!

When it came time to pay, it ended up costing me $350 after health insurance! Eep! There goes my grocery money. I had to shuffle some funds around and do the shopping. Jr Her was very good at helping me put it away, chatting a mile a minute (nothing shuts that kid up, not even gum surgery!) and it was 6.00 before we finished! Still had to cook dinner!

I did get a few minutes to sit in my chair and read while the potatoes were cooking though... excellent!

Oh, and her second op (with a $410 gap) is scheduled for September 24th. My birthday...


SOL's view said...

now that's a wonderful birthday present!


sounds like something you would find in a tea blend, doesn't it =)

Butterfly Kissez said...

Awww you are extremely lucky! It's at times like that when our guys do something thoughtful that we remember why we love them and keep them =)

*anion* Hmmm may make and anion and bacon pie tonight lol

Anonymous said...

good luck with sam teeth. Your chair sounds nice a good place to wally