Wednesday, 29 July 2009

To do or not to do?

So Jr Her is off on camp today. Yay! Two whole days of peace and quiet. Of course, it won't make any difference to me. Him will still go to work on night shift, and I will still cook dinner when I get home... It just means I won't have anyone to fight with for two nights!

Anyway, before Him took Jr Her to school this morning, I had asked her where her phone was. In my room, she answered. Sure! And if I find you are lying, you will lose the phone. I will confiscate it and won't renew the credit. She didn't say anything. When Him got home I repeated the threat in front of her. He asked he where it was. She withdrew it under protest from her pocket... yelled and carried on while I took it off her and put it on the charger for the duration of her absence.

When he got to the school her bestie bailed her up and asked if she had her phone. Jr Her answered in the negative (rather angrily too for some reason! lol!). Bestie bragged that she had snuck hers into her bag, as had several other friends. She boasted that her mother didn't know and that she never tells her mother anything.

This is all in front of Him! Him questioned her, and she still bragged that she wasn't lying, she just wasn't telling her mum anything! Him made the comment Jr Her was honest. Yes, well, only because I know my child and knew she had it with her, or she would be doing exactly the same thing!

Anyway, my dilemma is, do I tell the mother or let it go? I am not sure how I would feel about someone phoning me to tell me what my kid had done wrong. I think what got up Him's and my nose was her rude attitude. She can be quite cutting, even to Jr Her.

Anyway, I haven't said anything yet, and not sure if I will, but it does make me wonder...


Anonymous said...

At the end of the day it is that's girl mum's job to check about the phone.I would worry about wally

Anonymous said...

yeah, little brat would most likely deny it anyway... love moose

Butterfly Kissez said...

Like its not hard enough already to raise a teenager without other teenagers undermining our authority...I wouldn't personally worry about the other kid....that's her parent's problem. Eventually our kids learn that we make the rules for their own's a hard long road though!!!

*mings* A chinese Dynasty??

SOL's view said...

i'd be staying outta that one! causes waaaay to much trouble.

hmmm **gummords**

suddenly i have a craving for gummi bears and wine gums ...