Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Ozzie comes of age

So Ozzie had his first real sleepover last night. At our house.

He has slept inside twice at the beachhouse, but he has always been made sleep outside at home. Last night I got brave.

I admit, I lack tolerance with him sometimes. He now occupies the space every evening, just inside my back door, between the laundry and the kitchen. A child's gate keeps him there. It also lets the cat go to the loo - his litter box is behind the toilet door.

Anywy, last night, the dog was annoying me by just quietly whimpering, as they do, while looking longingly through the gate at me (sitting at the kitchen table). It's bloody frustrating when they do that, isn't it? I decided that he has to get used to that spot, and in a moment of madness let him stay there overnight.

Well, I took him for a wee break, which he did without fuss, and locked up when he came inside. Turned off the lights and said good night. Then, I went for my shower and put myself into bed.

Usually Dodge comes in when all is quiet and comes for a cuddle. No sign of him last night. Twice I poked my nose out to see what was happening, and both times Oz came from the laundry to the entryway. When I looked in the laundry Dodge was hiding under the washing machine stand. Obviously they had been playing. They were quiet so I don't really care.

After midnight I had to get up to Dodge as he was in the rubbish bin chasing a piece of screwed up paper he had been playing with earlier in the evening.

Again, he didn't come back to bed. I don't know what time he did come, but he was there later in the night.

I didn't hear a peep out of Oz all night, and there were no surprises waiting for me when I let him out at quarter past six this morning. So, he just may find himself invited back inside again tonight.

After we get home from watching Harry Potter at the movies...


SOL's view said...

fingers crossed he's housetrained!



Butterfly Kissez said...

Nice that you could get up to no "little gifts" lol...good ozzie. I really want a puppy I can have in the house but my DH refuses to let animals in the house...something to do with doggie smells and animal hairs...still we let the teenage son and his mates in the house??? Go figure lol

Butterfly Kissez said...

Oh and I'm upset that you have seen Harry Potter before me!!! Lol

Chris H said...

Our Teddy sleeps in the laundry too. He whimpers in the morning to be let into the rest of the house....that drives me nuts! I am happy your Ozzie was a good boy overnight and keeps it up.