Thursday, 23 July 2009

My night out

So last night was the big night at the movies. I suggested we leave early cause the line will be long. The theatre has a hot food counter (typical fried stuff, but palatable) so we could get dinner there.

We arrived nice and early, to a full carpark... lots of people...

When we got up to the theatre the hot food counter was closed. There was a table in front of it manned by a couple of employees, serving free Magnum icecreams. Ok, so we grabbed one of those each. Around the corner was a table with free cans of softdrink and small bags of popcorn. Grabbed one each of those too.

The movie was supposed to start at half past seven and this was about six thirty. We followed the crowd to the usher's table, handed in our tickets, and were directed into a theatre...

It was full.

We had to sit right down the first row. We sat at the end of the first row, which placed us just left of the centre of the screen, and on every second seat was a yellow RAA logo'ed bag with a few goodies including a magnet, dinner voucher, lanyard and magazine.

Well, this isn't too bad value for $8.50. I bought the tickets through RAA when I bought our See Sydney cards back in May.

We settled in, and soon a fellow dressed as Harry Potter came in, picked up a mike and made a small welcome speech.

Then, at about six forty-five, the movie started! Apparently RAA had booked about 4 cinemas and when they were full they just started the movie! I was told it would run for about 3 hours, but it actually took about 2 hrs twenty mins. That meant we were finished not much after nine. Not as late a night as I planned.

The movie was pretty good. One friend said it was dark and that she didn't like it. I could see why she would think that. It was dark.

Another comment I heard was that it lacked the oomph of the other movies. I found it did too. I kept waiting for the big action. It didn't happen.

There was a sad part toward the end, and I confess, I cry at the drop of a hat so was expecting to do so. I didn't. At a later part a single tear escaped. I hate being a sook, Jr Her teases me relentlessly, and Him always looks closely at me, making me feel embarrassed. He doesn't mean to, to him it's support. But as I said I hate being a sook.

So minor victory for me.

All in all it was quite a good evening. Worth the money. We stopped at Maccas on the way home, but I don't like their burgers so ordered a wrap. Would you believe, a 24 hours restaurant, stops making wraps at nine pm. So I went hungry. I supposed I could have ordered chips but I really didn't feel like them. No worry, I wasn't really that hungry after the popcorn anyway.

We let Oz back in last night, but as we went to bed not long after, he wasn't walked to make sure he peed. When I got up this morning he was lying nicely on his blanket, not making a fuss or anything. Only after I let him out did I notice he has sprayed the doorway. Must have been last night because it was almost dry. Can't blame him for that I guess.

Anyway, it was a good night. Today we take Jr Her for a small procedure to expose two crooked teeth. In August she gets her braces. I have the afternoon off work, but will be taking some to do at home after I do the grocery shopping.

Chat later...


SOL's view said...

Ah yes. Must remember that no matter how late it is, gotta walk the dog before you tuck yourself in....

So you didn't like the movie then? I did. I really enjoyed it. Enough to start reading the book again....

Froggy said...

yes, I did like it. didn't I say that? oh, well, I did like it. Ready for the last one now!

Butterfly Kissez said...

Well I have yet to see it matter how many hints I drop so far I have not seen it...will probably see it on DVD as per usual I guess

*xeryluef* Yeah!

Chris H said...

I didn't enjoy the latest HP movie at all! I must be one of the few it would appear!