Friday, 7 August 2009

Dudley Schafer

Dad, Colin and Dudley

So I just wanted to talk a little about my uncle. Dad's brother. Uncle Dud has been sick for a long time now. I can always remember him having something wrong - gall stones that went wrong, other ailments, but he has been fighting cancer for a few years now.

Despite that, he did manage to come across to Gladstone for Dad's 70th birthday last December. I know it meant a lot to Dad. The family also got together recently with their sister Gloria coming across from New Zealand.

Dud used to be married to Ruby, who died from cancer many years ago. For the last few years he has been friends with Judy.

Uncle Dud finally succumbed this week, dying Tuesday night about midnight. His son Gary phoned Pop and Pop had to phone everyone else. Another brother Colin was not able to be contacted until Wednesday morning.

The funeral is set of Wednesday 12th. Sadly we won't be going. I have been speaking with mum and SOL extensively about their plans, and it sounds like there is going to be a lot of people around.

When Aunty Ruby died the town stopped. Everyone lined the streets of Gayndah as the funeral procession passed. I imagine it will be the same for Dud. SOL said that every hotel she contacted knew all about the funeral (Gayndah is a tiny country town of about 200 on a good day?). MOTH even said one hotel was completely booked out by the family of one of Dud's children (Actually, Ruby's from a prior marriage).

I really wish I were going because we always have a great time at these gatherings. There are always oodles of family to hang with, catch up with, and I would really love to catch up with Dud's daughter Janell. She is my fave cousin.

But, we can only mourn from afar. Let the party roll on without us.

RIP Uncle Dud, I know you are finally at peace.



Butterfly Kissez said...

Please give your dad our condolences and also lots of hugs to you and your family from Mark and me. It's a shame you couldn't be there in person but no matter where you are, your Uncle Dudley will be in your hearts....

*phiforpl* Not in my dictionary =)

Anonymous said...

Dudley was such an amazing guy... I have known your uncle for a short time when I used to be a backpacker at Judy's... and I will never ever forget him. He will be in my heart as long as I will be alive.
I hope you are in peace now Dud... See you at the end of the track...