Saturday, 15 August 2009

More new stuff

So yesterday was Him's day off. Never, ever, give him a day off! Jr her was sick, but went to school anyway (I got a text from them around two-thirty saying she wasn't there! Turns out it was the kid beneath her on the roll book!). Anyway, before I left work, Him phoned me to say that because Jr Her wasn't well, could we have take away for dinner.

Hey, I am always up for a non-cook night! Jr Her has the flu, by the way, and last night the poor lamb was shivering, temperature, flushed cheeks, sore throat, cough. I even let the netball coach know she wouldn't be playing today! But this morning, apart from a croaky voice, you wouldn't even know she was sick! She played netball too, but because only 4 girls turned up (you should have seen the coach, she was livid!) we had to forfeit, but played a scratch game with no scores using a couple of the other team's spares.

Anyway, when he phoned yesterday he says "I've been busy...." What a surprise I got when I got home! We had recently bought, as you know, the Plasma (not LCD as originally stated, my mistake), along with a freezer. So Him borrowed the other work ute and picked that up yesterday. And, when we were waiting for Jr Her to get her braces fitted on Tuesday we strolled about Bunnings, which is across the road from the dental surgery.

While there we saw a relatively cheap ($299) outdoor setting. Good price, nice setting, so we thought we might have to buy that. The old one had ripped chairs and only two were worth sitting on.

So, he had also gone down and picked that up. While there we noticed a folding banana lounge in the same fabric. We thought the price was $39, but Him asked an attendant anyway. Sure enough, that's the price! But, as they didn't have another out back, he gave us the display stock for $30. Neat! Matches the table and chairs perfectly!

He also spent a further $80 odd on a plastic outdoor pool lounge which is sitting beside the carport, so if I want to sit alone and sun bake I can! We are a bit reluctant to leave the other matching chair in the weather, see.

So, he had completely rearranged the back patio, cleaning up lots of stuff, and vacuuming the piece of carpet at the back door where the dog sits (and consequently coats in black hair). It looks great! What do you think? If you click on the pic and enlarge it, you can even see both the banana lounges (and Jr Her's odd socks!)

As we have had lovely weather, last night after a trip to McDonalds for take away, we all sat outside at the new table for dinner. Great! Then, today we all lounged outside again. My matching banana lounge is great, and I can still sit with the family.

Roger isn't usually allowed out unless we are, so we can watch where he goes. He mostly just sits around in the long grass beside the house, or playing in the niche beneath the gum tree.

Doesn't he look lovely? It's one of the rare times we were able to see his face!

Well, the other two have gone to take the ute back (second time today, last time they got to Glenelg and realised they didn't have the keys to the other ute!) and it's lovely and quiet for a bit. Time to go do some heavy duty reading! Catch ya!

UPDATED 16/08/09

So today, it's blowing a gale! Last night it rained and the new furniture got wet, as did the dog house and the cupboard at the end of the patio, so all 3 of us struggled with some sheets of fencing tin and Him closed in one half of the end of the patio, just enough to keep the rain off the junk cupboard and hopefully protect things that end a bit.

He also bought some sail rail and put the extra awning from the caravan from the roof where the new outdoor setting is, so it keeps the rain and sun off that part of the patio.

And, we juggled the old freezer out, scrubbed the floor (it was thick with grease and old cat hair) and moved the fridge over, putting the new freezer beside the stove. Looks great! Jr Her got the job of filling all the drawers with stuff out of the old freezer.

Dinner tonight is a roast lamb with rosmemary sauce done in the hot pot. Smells good, hope it tastes as good!


SOL's view said...

you WERE busy! it looks good too. did it dry out well after the rain?

now i guess you'll just have to find some friends so you can entertain.


**pstical** missing a vowel, anyone??

Butterfly Kissez said...

I love the outdoor setting!! Really nice! We will have to renew ours soon...They are almost 12 years old and starting to get a bit we just have to wait for an invite to your place for a BBQ =)

*irapp* and I sing...lalalalala