Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I am amazed..

So here we are, day 3, and ..... IT"S STILL CLEAN!!! Having said that, I thought I had better check, and apart from two wardrobe doors hanging open, there is not a thing out of place, even the towel has gone back into the bathroom.

See, to me, that epitomizes laziness. her room is about 4 steps from the bathroom, but she still leaves her towel on the bedroom floor. but, since her shower Sunday night, it has been hung on the door where it goes. Astounding!

Anyway, so this weekend we are off to see Alice Cooper, thanks to a very generous benefactor who thinks I am a good person (*smiles sweetly*).

I will definitely be updating you on that one! I got asked by one friend if we were going to dress up. The thought hadn't occurred to me, but can anyone who knows us imagine Fluffy dressing up? CACK! Not a chance!

Speaking of Fluffy, it's time to go wake him up and make his supper.

Night all! xxx


Butterfly Kissez said...

OMIGOD I so want to see Alice Cooper!!! MM and I are huge fans but can't afford the ticket price so unfrtunately won't be going...for the record my mobile ring tone is Poison by Alice Cooper lol.

Also amazed that Dobby's room is still looking good! A lot of the time when they see how good their room looks when its clean and tidy they decide thats how they want to keep it so good job! Let's hope it stays that way a little longer!

*limel* nope sorry brain is frozen today...

Chris H said...

Is Dobby sick then? Sounds like it! lol