Monday, 24 August 2009

I need a holiday

So what a weekend. It was busy. I mean, our weekends usually are, but this time, I need a holiday to recover.

Saturday we took Dobby to her netball game, then flew down to Marion so I could make MediBank Private before they closed at 11. I got there, got her payment schedule for braces sorted out.

Meanwhile, Fluffy and Dobby parked the car, and I kept looking for them to come back so I could get hime to go across the mall to the Medicare office. No sign of them. I have to phone him when I am done to find him. They had gone to Supacheap. Meanwhile the queue was out the door at Medicare. Guess where we didn't go.

Anyway, I had wanted to find myself a pair of 3/4 pants for work. I only have one good pair left. So we went to look in Big W. I tried lots on but only one fitted any good, and they were denim so not for work, but with a pricetag of $5 they were coming with me anyway! I also bought myself a pair of long leggings. Never thought I would, but I had bought a black dress that was just a bit too short so I thought they would look nice under it. They do!

Then we wandered up to the kitchen shop so Fluffy could look for a certain wine bottle cooler. We found one, and I bought it to put away for Father's day. We had something to eat as well, then did a huge grocery shop, and got home after 2.00. Usual cleaning and dagging about Saturday afternoon.

Then Sunday, we took Dobby down to register for a netball team. We have talked about it for a long time, and decided we would just do it. Probably a lot of others we could sign her up to, but this one looked okay. Only $60 registration, she gets a top and we buy her a red skirt. She is disappointed they don't have the traditional netball uniform, but has to wear those horrible skirts again. But the coordinator seemed nice. From the first week in September she will train Tuesday night and play Friday nights.

Then when we got home I, with Fluffy's help later in the afternoon, cleaned Dobby's room.

Now, for most of you, that would be a case of "so what?" Well, those who know Dobby know what a HUGE task this is. I mean, I wish I had taken before and after shots. You literally could not get in the door the floor was full of books, clothes, broken stuff, toys, more clothes, papers. You name it and it was there. We had nagged her for weeks, screen banned her, took her phone off her. But nothing worked.

Now, we are a step closer to getting our Time for Kids child, and there was no way we were meeting anyone with the room looking like THAT!

So, it took all day, and I stripped the bookcase, (she now only has two shelves of books, the rest are sewing kit, craft kit, knick knacks), stripped every drawer (she now has a spare for her Time for Kids child to use), emptied the wardrobes (we threw out 12 bags of books, shoes, clothes to the second hand shop), and Him did under her bunk.

He also vacuumed her floor (took ten minutes while I dished up dinner) and put the keyboard into her room on her desk. It looks great! It was backbreaking work, and Fluffy had pulled a black muscle on Saturday bringing in the groceries. And my back and hamstring muscles have all seized up and I could barely walk this morning. Things we do...

Pity it will only last a few days....


SOL's view said...

Give yourself a pat if it lasts a few days. The Elder just couldn't make it last beyond a day.

The Teen on the other hand can make it last a couple of days. But then, she tidies it herself.

NOT like the Elder at all....

Froggy said...

Might turn that pat into a massage I think! lol!

Chris H said...

Well done on the massive clean up of the Dob's room! I know only too well how messy they can get!

Butterfly Kissez said...

Laughing at the state of Dob's room! My Nearly 16 niece has a room EXACTLY like that and mum has nagged forever for her to clean...there is absolutely no floor space...DVD's, CD's, clothes, make up, books line every piece of space in her room..Her bed is covered in all manner of stuff so she sleeps around it! I could not stand it myslef to live in a room like that I tell ya!

Wanna come clean hers??

*lignes* bleah