Sunday, 30 August 2009

WHAT???!!! I Can't Hear You!

So, why do musicians think that turning the music up so loud that the guitars blend into one ear piercing screech which overtakes the singer makes a good rock concert?

We went to see Alice Cooper last night. Thought our tickets were pretty good too, and the people who had the seats in between our two sets were good enough to swap with Fluffy and I as well, so that was nice.

Oh, by the way, we took Dobby's friend Tiny with us, we had no other takers and she has expressed an interest earlier in the day, so why not? Their first rock concert...

Anyway, we were sitting there, watching the crowd come and go. About ten minutes to eight a heavy metal band called Electric Mary (A Melbourne band, if I am not mistaken) took to the stage. From that moment on I didn't hear a word he sang. It was all screaming guitars and noise to me.

Dobby actually liked their music, but I think she thought she was listening to Alice, not realising bands have a support group to open the show. But she liked it anyay.

Then, after a short break Alice came on. Well, everyone immediately stood up. And there went the show for us. I had Miss Tall and Beanie Boy in front of me and could not see a thing other than the elevated drummer.

Alice's music didn't seem to be as deafening as the other, perhaps they actually had his mike turned up so you could hear him. Dobby and Tiny were straining to see anything, and both sat at some time or another. I sat through the first half because i just could not see anything. So I sat and enjoyed the music.

When we got there, Tiny spent her $20 on a program come poster, which she was happy with. They spent some time both going over that looking at pictures and reading what the songs were.

Before Alice came on I took the girls to the concession stand and made it to the front of the line only to find I had to go get cash. So, I sent the girls back to stand in line and nipped off to the ATM. Cash in hand, I got back to find the girls almost at the front. I bought Dobby a tee-shirt and Tiny a key ring. I would have liked a shirt myself but didn't have enough money.

Anyway, back to the show. I decided to stand to see if I could catch a glimpse of anything. Occasionally I got to see what he was up to, and thoroughly enjoyed the show. I will try to find a DVD of this tour because although I couldn't see anything, I did enjoy the show.

We made our exit via the side door and some people behind the girls were commenting that they sat through it and how rude blah blah, the girls said it would be good if people sat down so they could SEE! They were miffed...

But, sore feet and ringing ears later, we got home about eleven and were all in bed by half past.

But man, my ears are still ringing this morning....

PS The room is STILL clean! That's one week today! AMAZING!!!!


Miss LJ said...

Glad that you enjoyed the show!! Jimmy Barnes was the same with the music, it took me 4 days for my ears to return to normal.

And glad to hear the room is still clean!!

Anonymous said...

I always wear earplugs. No one can see them as i put hair over ears.Glad you rocked out..Love wally

Chris H said...

You should have stood on ya chair to see!
I havn't had ringing ears in forever!
And woo hoo the room is still tidy! Miracles DO HAPPEN in your house!

SOL's view said...

i HATE it when people stand! it's bloody inconsiderate!!

i know that the people who stand first need a good kick in the rear, or brick on the head, cause when they stand they start the whole domino effect.

bloody standers!

Butterfly Kissez said...

I wonder if Brisvegas people are more polite...when my brother and I went to see The Cure the people in seats who wanted to dance went into the aisles so we had no-one blocking our view...mind you most of The Cure's music is not really danceable (is that a word??? lol) to...


Butterfly Kissez said...

Oh and I forgot!!! I hate you coz you went to see Alice and I want to see him too!!! Lol