Monday, 3 August 2009

new toys

So on the weekend, Him decided to rearrange the lounge for me.

As mentioned a few posts ago, he bought himself a new roll top desk, which was in one corner of the room.

The following weekend he bought me a lovely rocker (which apparently I am off quite frequently). Anyway, he used to sit with his back to the TV, and in my corner, I couldn't see the TV, so he swapped them around. I now have a great view of the TV, and he doesn't watch TV while using his computer anyway.

Oh, and he just phoned me to tell me he found a perfectly working red shaded bankers lamp outside on someone's sidewalk this morning, something he has been searching for since he installed the desk!

Here are a couple of photos of the lounge now...
My little corner of the world...

Him's little corner of the world...

And lastly, our new toy we were supposed to buy for Christmas, but somehow found ourselves with on the weekend.

42" LCD full HD Panasonic, comes with a bonus WII console (via redemption).

We also bought a new upright freezer, as our current one is well over 20 years old. The new freezer, a Westinghouse, has a very good energy rating, and was cheap so we figured now or never!

That's it! Broke now. Have to get a second job I think! lol!


SOL's view said...

w00t for second jobs! yes *nods* i think you should have to think about that.

our tv didn't have a wii .... post me yours cause you know i'll use it!


... i think they're gettin stranger

Leanne said...

Cool!! New toys are so much fun. You guys will be loving the new TV and the Wii... Have fun!!

Chris H said...

Firstly, there is no 'link' to Pepsi. It is my private blog. If you want an invite send me your regular email address.
As for the lounge... looks neat!

Butterfly Kissez said...

Ooooh nice TV :) Hubby wants to get a new LCD HD Panasonic but has still to convince me we can afford it lol...Should I let him off the hook or let him grovel some more??....hmmm lol. I want a Wii so I think we might compromise hehe...BUT your lounge room does look great!!! Lucky frog!!

WTF is atrologe???