Thursday, 20 August 2009


So I have decided to give my family different monikers. Silly, I know. It's just the Him and Jr Her don't quite do it for me anymore. They sound, well, lame.

So, I thought I would, from now on, refer to them by our family nicknames. Therefore, Jr Her is now going to be referred to as Dobby. How did she get that nickname? Well, she would come home from school and complain all the kids called her Big Eyes. Her eyes are her best feature mind you. At that time the second Harry Potter movie had just come out, and who has big eyes, big ears and dirty clothes? Right. Dobby.

So, when her father started referring to her as Dobby, she retaliated by naming him - Fluffy. The big 3-headed dog from Philosopher's Stone. For years it was "Hi Dob." "Hi Fluff". And she still gets called Dobby mostly, although some times she gets called by the name her school friends gave her - Barney.

But, for all future references here they will now be called Dobby and Fluffy.

My nick name? I got stuck with.... Hagrid.


SOL's view said...

That, my dear, was worthy of a giggle snort.

I've heard you refer sometimes to Dobby. And I think I can figure out where Fluffy came from *no prizes there*

But Hagrid! ROFL!!

**sessub** That's brilliant!

Butterfly Kissez said...

I love "Dobby"! That is so cute =) Not sure you are quite the Hagrid though??

*ulidi* uh huh

Chris H said...

Hagrid eh? LOL... I can think of worse nicknames.

Anonymous said...

It could be worst!!!Dumbell door!
lol wally