Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A bikie

...I am not. Sadly. I knew I would be woeful, but I even surprised myself.

If someone had a video camera it surely would turn up on Funniest Home Videos. I got on. I realised I cannot touch the ground. Fluffy reprimanded me gently about not trying it out at the shop. Dutifully chastised, I found I can drop one foot on the ground. Not two. That's okay, one is all I need.

I sat astride, gingerly let go of the handbrake, and pulled on the throttle. And took off. Wobbling all over the place, trying to put on the brake and forgetting to let go of the throttle.

*Note to self - apologise to neighbours for the marks on their fence...*

I got back on and tried again. Well, I can speed down the road doing 30kph. Bravo! Now, to stop further down the road I must remember to ease back on the throttle and when almost stopped, apply the handbrake, and remember not to let myself wobble...

I did several laps up and down the street and can almost turn the bike around. I know I should have stayed longer but there is much to do. I hope I am not too nervous tomorrow.

Fluffy said he will take me down to the learner driver depot on the weekend so I can practice without traffic.

At least I got my helmet on without any fuss... one should always look for the positives...


SOL's view said...

Wow. On the move! You're gonna nail it and have sooo much fun. Stay safe. :D

Chris H said...

Wish your family HAD taken a video! HOw's the neighbours fence!
YOu will get better.
Just remember not to be scared!

Anonymous said...

you go girl love wally

JoeinVegas said...

At least you are trying. Keep going.