Monday, 23 November 2009

that was the weekend?

I must have missed it. Suddenly I woke up and it was Monday again.

Last week went fairly quickly because I was quite busy at work. For a change. Then Saturday we did some housework and wandered to Bunnings to get some plants for my empty pots, and do a bit of grocery shopping on the way home.

Dobby had a sleepover Saturday night so we drove down to Reynella and dropped her off. They had a big tent set up outside. It was supposed to be a pool party but the weather turned cold and wet. I doubted that would stop them. I was right.

Fluffy and I stopped off at Nando's on the way home for dinner (spicey hot chicken, good stuff!). I thought we might laze in front of the telly for the night but Fluffy decided we would clean out under the bed in the van. So we did. One job done anyway.

Sunday we did some more housework and went down to pick up Dobby. She was just getting changed when we got there and still dripping wet and cold because her change of clothes got wet.

Anyway, we stopped at spotlight on the way back for some tassles, Fluffy wants to make tie backs for the caravan curtains. Or should I say he wants me to make them. Sigh. And the stuff was expensive. I tell you, we have wasted so much money lately, we are bordering on broke! Anyway, we got home and I did some more pottering around then off to an Undercoverwear party at Belair with Dobby, who I might add, had only an hour or so sleep all night.

The party was great, just the hostess, her daughter, Dobby and I and two of the daughters friends who turned up much later. I spent more money. Sigh...

then, home to cook dinner. I managed to keep Dobby awake until about seven then she crashed. I even struggled to get her up this morning.

We all got up and dragged ourselves up to begin the working week again....


SOL's view said...

Oh man. The Monday Blues. I soooo know what you mean.

Lol. A wet change of clothes. I guard mine soooo jealously! I hate wet clothes....

Chris H said...

I can relate to being almost broke! I spend far too much money in Spotlight.. they see me coming and smile and wave!