Thursday, 26 November 2009

Scooter's gone to hospital

Yes, it has. I don't know what the issue with self starting was, but Fluffy and I both got told we were dreaming because it's impossible. Quite rudely too.

Anyway, Fluffy phoned them yesterday with our latest problems. We took it for a drive down to the local learner driver centre. It was closed but around the back we found a desserted basketball court, which suited me no end. I spent some time learning how to turn, and getting lots of confidence. Feeling pretty good now!

I noticed that although when I got on it only had 18km on the clock, but had used half a tank of petrol.

So, anyway, Fluffy rode it home and I got home way before him in the car. I wandered down the street to find him sitting there quite angry. Apparently it kept cutting out. Stopping in mid lane. Very frustrating.

And, it had used almost all the petrol.

So, Fluffy phoned them and was told they couldn't collect it, he had to take it down to them.

I phoned them and said our issues had not been resolved. I again mentioned it self-starting, to which I was rudely told that's impossible. A lady this time. I conceded it could be that the remote, across the other side of the house and buried in my handbag, may have been responsible, but that aside the other issues had not been resolved.

She went away to check. Yes, she said, your husband is bringing it down. No, he can't! He has come off night shift, has not been to bed, can you imagine him riding it down South Road (the busines, main road in Adelaide) with it stopping all the time? It can't be ridden!!

Oh, very sorry, she says, yes, we will come and pick it up. And, I mentioned, the other bloke told Fluffy that there would be a set of books with it - service and manuals etc. Well, we didn't get anything. Oh dear, well, we will put a set under the seat for you when it comes in.

It was quite funny because she went from being quite rude and up front to bending over backward to help in a blink of an eye. I guess she figured I was getting cranky...

Anyway, some young kid who looked like he didn't give a toss picked it up yesterday and took him off to hospital. Just waiting to see now what the issue was...


Chris H said...

Babe I hope you havn't bought a lemon like my sewing machine!
Hope your scooter is all better soon.

SOL's view said...

Hope it's back home soon all fixed up. Or they give you a new one. :D